Stacking door SPACELITE HTvision

When an industrial door turns into a moving glass curtain wall

Very often in modern, representative buildings, industrial doors form an architectural foreign body. With real glass and the design of a glazed curtain wall the new stacking door SPACELITE HTvision can contribute to a sophisticated solution both in design and in technology. The function as an industrial door with a beneficial opening technology and well-known Butzbach quality remain core features of this door.



Function and design brought to perfection:

  • Curtain wall design without vertical inter-spacer up to 3.96 m door width (with inter-spacer up to 5.0 m width)
  • Insulation glass with twin-walled toughened safety glass with excellent thermal insulation values for sustainable building: Ug =1.1 W/m2K
  • Advantages compared to acrylic glass: No scratches and cleaning traces, no fogging, condensation or dirt between the panes, no optical deformation of the panes
  • The combination with door panels made of light transmitting fibreglass is easily possible

Opening technology with reduced space requirements:

  • Upon opening the door panels stack safely and compactly behind the lintel where they are protected
  • Due to the wall attachment, the minimum space requirements and the easy adaptation to individual needs the door suits nearly every installation situation, also for renovations
  • Meets the requirements of German regulations concering overhead-glazing

Reduced cost for operation and maintenance:

  • Electric drive with an extremely resistant and enduring gear motor
  • Direct drive without any additional parts which are prone to wear and tear such as torsion springs, hinges, spiral cables and end position dampeners
  • Micro processor control for trouble-free operation and comfortable controlling

Sustainability and safety:

  • Effective door seals for improved energy consumption by avoiding air exchange
  • Anti-drop protection: falling door panels are stopped immediately (tested and approved)
  • Superior user safety due to a safety edge: in case of contact the door automatically stops and re-opens
  • Door tested and approved according to DIN EN 12241-1

Technical data:

Width with end-to-end real glass panel, min. / max. [mm]* 1000 / 3960
Width with real-glass panels with vertical inter-spacers, min. / max. [mm]* 1000 / 5000
Height min. / max. [mm]* 2000 / 4000
Lintel requirement min. / max. [mm]* 700 / 870
Depth of the cassette (depends on the number of panels) [from ... mm]* 620
Door panel height [mm] 500
Opening speed* up to 13cm/s
Wind load* class acc. to EN 12424** 2 - 4
Air permeability class class acc. to EN 12426** 3
Resistance against water penetration class acc. to EN 12425** 2
Operating forces / Safe opening acc. to EN 13241-1 fulfilled
Real glass door panel
with insulation glazing (1.1 W/m²K) made of 2x4mm toughened glass and thermally broken aluminium profiles, without vertical separation (up to max. 4.0 m) resp. with 1 - 2 vertical separations (up to max. 5.0 m)
As above, with 1 - 2 vertical inter-spacers (door width max. 5,0 m)
Optional: Door panel with fibreglass infill
Colour Brilliant / Emerald-green / Sapphire-blue
Up value up to 1,4 W/m², light transmission 47 - 78%
Behaviour in case of fire acc. to EN13501 / building material class acc. to DIN 4102 E / B2
Guide tracks: massive aluminium profile closed on three sides, mill-finished
Door panels: aluminium profiles anodised C0EV1 ( E6EV1 )
Surface treatment acc. to RAL
Anodised in British Standard
Cassettes: galvanised steel
Drive: Worm gear motor with brake
Relay / contactor control, 400V/50 HZ
Emergency opening with crank handle
Emergency opening with hoist chain
Safety: TÜV certified anti-drop protection integrated in the guide tracks
Motor with integrated catch device
Opto-electronical safety edge with energy supply via an energy chain or conductor rail
External photo eye
External light curtain
Laser sensor/td>
Anti-lift protection
Option: Lintel cover made in fibreglass
Door roofing in case of external installation
Pivoting side unit with or without passage door
Moveable guide tracks between two doors

■=Standard / □=Option / *= depending on size and equipment
/ **test certificate available


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