Car garage Sahara, Morocco

Butzbach is topnotch even in the desert

There is an impressive car shop in southern Morocco in the Sahara desert in which, among other things, the vehicles participating in next year's Paris-Dakar Rally will be serviced. The innovative fibreglass material is also suitable for unusual environments heat and desert sand can do no harm to the material due to the special surface refinement. Due to the translucence of up to 78%, a bright working environment is created inside the building, considerably reducing daytime lighting expenses and creating a pleasant working atmosphere.

The light is distributed uniformly and without hard shadows due to the fibreglass elements. The picture shows the difference between the “soft” light and the “hard” light incidence from the glazing quite well.

Products used:


Stacking door SPACELITE HT 40, door panels in fibreglass, 40 mm, UP=1.4 W/m2K, colour Brilliant, with acrylic vision panels.


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