High-speed door NOVOSPRINT Duo

Safety for combined vehicular and pedestrian traffic

NOVOSPRINT Duo doors have two leaves that can be activated independently of each other in one opening. That makes them ideal for separating vehicular and pedestrian traffic or creating a two-lane forklift route, e.g. for safety reasons. If the entire width is needed at any time, all that needs to be done is to open both leaves and remove the lane partition.



Reduce accident hazards in your company:

  • Physical separation of pedestrian and motorised traffic lanes
  • Meets the technical regulations for work safety and minimises the risk of collisions and accidents when using the same passage for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Max. width of 2.50 m per door leaf also allows for the separation of two forklift lanes
  • Individual control for each door leaf, for safe activation and specific use
  • If necessary both leaves can be used at the same time, giving way to the entire passage width
  • Automatic opening by contactless impulse transmitter leaves both hands free
  • Opening with spring force within fractions of a second, closing by electric motor
  • Transparent vision strip at eye level for continuous inter-visibility
  • Soon optionalla available: Application in escape route

Economic and easy installation:

  • Ideal for retrofitting in existing buildings, without the need to install a separate passage door, avoiding expensive building works
  • Only little installation space at the side and on top is required
  • Self-supporting frame construction, attachment on the wall and on the floor simply by brackets

Very long product life even with intensive use:

  • Guaranteed 500 000 openings for the first set of springs
  • For each door leaf one motor and one control, for extended life expectance
  • Minimised wear and tear leading to efficient and economic continuous operation
  • Door leaves made of very tear-resistant polyester skin with PVC coating
  • Door frames in solid material for years of reliable intensive operation
  • Reduced cost for operation and maintenance

Easy installation:

  • Only little installation space at the side and on top is required
  • Self-supporting frame construction, attachment on the wall and on the floor simply by brackets
  • Ideal also for renovations or refurbishment of existing doors

Individual equipment:

  • Many design options for the perfect adaptation to the site of operation, also with coloured or printed skin
  • Single or double-skinned application, depending on the need for protection against noise, cold or wind
  • Many optional functions for each field of application
  • Comprehensive selection of sensors, activators, detectors: for each type of control the best suitable option is available

Technical data:

Performance data: Designed for … opening cycles per year 350.000
Guaranteed 500 000 openings of the door’s springs (first set of springs, max 2 years)
Opening speed* Up to 1.75 m/s per leaf
Closing speed* Up to 0.75 m/s per leaf
Operational forces / secure opening acc. to EN 13241-1 Fulfilled
Wind load [km/h] / Beaufort class* up to 100 / 6-10
Dimensions: Clear width min. / max. [mm]* (max. reduced in case of special skin) 1800 / 4500 (90 / 2500 per leaf)
Clear height min. / max. [mm]* 1700 / 4500
Lintel height min. / max. [mm]* 330
Lateral space requirement [mm] drive side / non-drive side 350 / 350
Total depth [mm] 420
Frame: horizontal cross-beam, containing the drive technology: sheet metal, powder coated acc. to RAL 9005
Vertical jam, containing the fabric roll mechanism: sheet metal, Sendzimir-galvanised
Vertical jam, powder coated acc. to RAL 9005
Vertical steel profile, containing the seal and safety edge technology: sheet metal, Sendzimir-galvanised (single skin) resp. powder coated acc. to RAL 9005 (double-skin)
Cross-beam, jam and steel profile, powder coated in special colour acc. to RAL
Door skin: polyester fabric, PVC-laminated on both sides, yellow colour similar to RAL 1003. Vision element in a height of 1480 – 2000 mm
Door skin in special colour
PVC- free skin fabric (only for colour similar to RAL 1003)
Food-safe TPU coating, similar to FDA (only for colour similar to RAL 1003)
Skin with antistatic equipment (only for colour similar to RAL 1003)
Skin with low inflammability (building material class acc. to DIN 4102- B1)
Vision element in special height / special
Drive: Worm gear motor with double brake (WITH emergency release lever – closed without current) ■ (2x)
Worm gear motor with double brake (WITHOUT emergency release lever – open without current) □ (2x)
2 x BDC E800 F Frequency converter control for soft run and superior speed, mains connection 400V/50 HZ (3,N,PE)
Emergency operation: with Bowden cable – self-actuating opening
Self-actuating opening without current
Doors for installation in escape routes and rescue paths, in correspondence with DGUV 208/044 (German certification) under preparation
Safety: Opto-electronical safety edge, integrated in the door leaf
External photo eye
External light curtain
Laser sensor
Crash-protection (stay bar with unlatch mechanism)
Additional equipment: Pulse transmitter – mushroom button / pull switch / radio transmitter / Infrared light sensor / Radar motion sensor / induction loop detector
■=Standard / □=Option / *= depending on size and equipment
**test certificate available


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