Sectional door SECTIOLITE ST40 Combi

The hybrid solution for highly frequented external doors

In case of big differences between active operative times and non-working hours, this hybrid door is the ideal solution for you: a fast, safe and extremely resistant high-speed door for frequent operation with short opening times for trouble-free logistic processes, combined with a compact, highly insulated sectional door with solid door panels for a secure and thermally insulated building enclosure during non-working hours. One door – two opening types – multiple benefits.




High-speed door perfectly designed for high frequency:

  • In times of high operation frequency the stacking door remains open, and the high speed door NOVOSPRINT is active
  • Trouble-free material handling is ensured by high opening speeds
  • Short open times of only approx. 7 seconds for a forklift passage guarantee a minimum loss of heat and energy
  • Robust, reliable and enduring function even with high frequencies
  • Due to the lateral opening the entire passage height is available immediately
  • For an improved thermal or sound insulation the door can be equipped with a double fabric system

Optimum protection during non-working hours:

  • During the night or other longer rest times the exterior sectional door is closed
  • The SECTIOLITE sectional door offers a solid protection against weather and undesired access, and features an efficient all-around sealing for minimum energy loss
  • In extreme weather conditions (winter, storm) the SECTIOLITE sectional door and also be used as main operational door.

Opening technology with individual design:

  • Ceiling tracks made of galvanized steel with 90° deflection. Optionally guided along the roof or vertical tracks
  • Solid lateral tracks made of friction resistant aluminium, with detachable covers, for safety reasons closed on three sides
  • Opening speed up to 100 cm/s

Reduced cost for operation and maintenance:

  • Electric drive with an extremely resistant and enduring gear motor
  • Direct drive without additional wear-and-tear-sensitive parts such as torsion springs
  • Micro processor control for trouble-free and comfortable operation


  • Passive safety: No protruding hinges or reinforcements, no suspending cables or wires, no trapping and shearing edges
  • Anti-jamming protection: All stacking doors are equipped with a safety edge. After contact with an obstacle the door stops and re-opens automatically and instantly
  • Access protection: Hit-proof fibreglass panels and automatic anti-lifting device
  • Tested and approved according to DIN EN 12241-1

Technical data:

Width min. / max. [mm]* 1000 / 4500
Height min. / max. [mm]* 2000 / 4500
Lintel height min. / max. [mm]* 500
Opening speed* sectional door, up to 1 m/s
Opening speed* high-speed door, up to 5 m/s
Wind load* class acc. to EN 12424** 2 - 5
Air permeability class acc. to EN 12426** 4
Resistance against water penetration class acc. to EN 12425** >3
Operating forces / Safe opening acc. to EN 13241-1 fulfilled
Sectional door: See technical data of the door type SECTIOLITE ST40  
High-speed door: See technical data of the door serie NOVOSPRINT  
■=Standard / □=Option / *= depending on size and equipment **test certificate available




  • Please refer to NOVOSPRINT / SECTIOLITE



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