Stacking door SPACELITE HT150 / HT150XL

The XXL format among the industrial doors

A maximum door width of 15 m and a maximum height of 16 m make SPACELITE HT150 our „heavy load industrial door“, which finds its application when other doors no longer fit. Depending on the size the version SPACELITE HT150XL with a high-performance hydraulic motor comes into action. The lightweight, highly insulating fibreglass panels feature a very good light transmission, a low weight and an excellent thermal insulation. A number of individual equipment options ensure for this robust door type a universal application for most heavy load. As an example, the passsage width can even be virtually doubled by moveable guide trackts. And for superior safety protection SPACELITE HT150 is tested and approved to resistance class 3 acc. DIN V ENV 1627.



Fibreglass – a unique material for industrial doors:

  • Twin-walled fibreglass panels in three colours to choose from: Brilliant, Emerald-Green or Sapphire-Blue, 150 mm infill thickness, approx. 1 000 mm height
  • Excellent thermal insulation values up to Up = 0.83 W/m2K, similar to triple glazing
  • Effective light transmission for bright working areas inside the building
  • Diffuse light without cast shadow for a perfect view and a comfortable working environment, with less need for artificial lighting
  • Very good resistance against wind load, even for doors with a big surface
  • Optional: Integrated oval windows

Protection for people and valuables:

  • Specially developed for industrial buildings with a superior need in protection against penetration
  • Burglar resistance tested and approved in security rating WK3 (acc. to DIN V ENV 1627)
  • No direct vision through the door due to the surface structure of the fibreglass panels, thus effective protection against external observation
  • High degree of light transmission combined with the technology of a sectional door, thus meeting the functional demands of an industrial door

Individual equipment options:

  • Side units, on demand also in a pivoting version, for a substantial enlargement of the access width
  • Moveable guide tracks between two doors for a utilisation of the combined access width
  • Installation at the outside of the building to have no components at all inside

Special opening technology with compact design:

  • Upon opening the door panels stack safely and compactly in a cassette behind the lintel.
  • Due to the wall attachment, the minimum space requirement and the adaptability the door can be installed in nearly any situation, also in case of refurbishments

Reduced cost for operation and maintenance:

  • Depending on the application the operation is ensured by an electric drive with an extremely resistant and enduring gear motor or by a hydraulic heavy-load drive unit
  • Direct drive without additional wear-and-tear-sensitive parts such as torsion springs
  • Micro processor control for trouble-free and comfortable operation

Sustainability and safety:

  • Guide track closed on three sides to avoid hand injuries
  • Anti-drop protection: falling door panels are stopped immediately (tested and approved)
  • Superior user safety due to a safety edge: in case of contact the door automatically stops and re-opens
  • Doors tested and approved according to DIN EN 12241-1

Technical data:

Width min. / max. [mm]* 2000 / 15000
Height min. / max. [mm]* 2000 / 16000
Lintel height [mm]*min. / max. 1360 / 1600 / 2000
Door panel heigth [mm] 1000
Opening speed* up to 10 cm/s
Opening cycles: typically up to ..... cycles per year 30000
Wind load* class acc. to EN 12424** 2 - 5
Air permeability class acc. to EN 12426** 2
Water resistance class acc. to EN 12425** 2
Burglar resistance in security rating class WK3 acc. to DIN V ENV 1627
Operational forces / secure opening acc. to EN 13241-1/td> fulfilled
Door with fibreglass infill: with twin-walled panels 80 mm
Colour Brilliant / Emerald-Green / Sapphire-Blue
Up-value up to [W/m²] 0.83
Light transmission [%] 20 - 55
Behaviour in case of fire acc. to EN13501 / building material class acc. to DIN 4102 E   / B2
Window with insulation glazing, 800 x 400 mm
Guide tracks: massive aluminium profile, closed on three sides
Surface of aluminium profiles: mill-finished
anodised E6-C0 (EV1)
Colour coated acc. to RAL
Anodised in British Standard
Cassette: galvanised steel
Drive: spur-gear motor with brake or hydraulic drive unit, depending on the door height
Control: Relay / contactor control, 400V/50 HZ or special control for hydraulic drive 400 V/50 Hz, depending on the drive unit
Emergency opening with hoist chain (spur-gear motor)
Emergency opening with battery (hydraulic drive)
Safety: TÜV certified anti-drop protection integrated in the guide tracks
Opto-electronical safety edge with energy supply via an energy chain or conductor rail
External photo eye
External light curtain
Laser sensor
Anti-lift protection (spur-gear motor)
Option: Wet room (car wash)
Lintel cover made in fibreglass
Door roofing in case of external installation
Pivoting side unit with or without passage door

■=Standard / □=Option / *=depending on size and equipment
**test certificate available



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