Stacking door SPACELITE HT40 Option Insulation

Combining function and sustainability

To meet superior demands in thermal insulation the stacking door SPACELITE HT40 is equipped with additional thermal insulation for the door panels and the seals. Upon opening the separate light transmitting fibreglass door panels stack safely and compactly in a cassette behind the lintel. Lighting fixtures, transport devices, air ventilation units or other equipment on the ceiling are not influenced by the structures.




Fibreglass – a unique material:

  • Superior thermal insulation values up to 1.4 W/m2K, comparable to insulation glazing
  • Light transmission up to 57 % for bright working spaces behind the door
  • Diffuse light quality without cast shadow for perfect vision and comfortable working conditions
  • Less need for artificial lighting during daytime
  • Three colours available: Brilliant, Emerald-green or sapphire-blue
  • Optional vision panels in real glass in double glazing
  • Design matching with other SPACELITE and SECTIOLITE fibreglass doors and easily combinable with VARIOPLANplus fibreglass curtain wall

Opening technology with reduced space requirements:

  • Upon opening the door panels stack safely and compactly behind the lintel where they are protected
  • Due to the wall attachment, the minimum space requirements and the easy adaptation to individual needs the door suits nearly every installation situation, also for renovations

Reduced cost for operation and maintenance:

  • Electric drive with an extremely resistant and enduring gear motor
  • Direct drive without any additional parts which are prone to wear and tear such as torsion springs, hinges, spiral cables and end position dampeners
  • Micro processor control for trouble-free operation and comfortable controlling


  • Improved thermal insulation with additional layers in the fibreglass panels
  • Aluminium profiles with effective thermal break
  • Double all-around sealing of the door structure and triple brush seals to avoid energy losses and air drafts in the building


  • Burglar resistance: By resistant fibreglass panels and automatic drive lock
  • Passive Safety: No protruding hinges and supports, no free suspending spiral cables, no trapping and shearing edges
  • Anti-jamming protection: All stacking doors are equipped with a safety edge. After contact with an obstacle the door stops and re-opens automatically and instantly
  • Anti-fall protection: falling door panels are caught and stopped immediately (certified by the TÜV, German technology supervision agency)
  • Door tested and approved according to DIN EN 12241-1

Technical data

Width min. / max. [mm]* 1000 / 5500
Height min. / max. [mm]* 2000 / 8920
Lintel requirement min. / max. [mm]* 700 / 870
Cassette depth min. (depends on the number of panels) [mm]* 620
Door panel height [mm] 500
Opening speed* up to 19 cm/s (40 cm/s)
Opening cycles: typically up to ... cycles per year 50000
Wind load* class acc. to EN 12424** 2 - 4
Air permeability class acc. to EN 12426** 3
Resistance against water penetration class acc. to EN 12425** 2
Sound insulation Rw (C;Ctr) acc. to EN ISO 717-1 24
Operating forces / Safe opening acc. to EN 13241-1 fulfilled
Door with fibreglass infill: with twin-walled panels 40 mm
Colour Brilliant / Emerald-green / Sapphire-blue
Up value [W/m²] 1.4
Interior PVC profiles for improved thermal insulation
Degree of light transmission [%] 47 - 57
Behaviour in case of fire acc. to EN13501 / building material class acc. to DIN 4102 E / B2
Real glass door panel: with insulation glazing (1.1 W/m²K) made of 2x4mm toughened glass and thermally broken aluminium profiles, without vertical separation (up to max. 3.96m ) resp. with 1 - 2 vertical separations (up to max. 5.0 m)
Vision panel With acrylic panes, with 1-4 vertical separations depending on the door width
Special infills e.g. perforated sheets up to 4 or toughened safety glass 1 x 4 mm
Guide tracks: massive aluminium profile closed on three sides, mill-finished
Door panels: aluminium profiles anodised E6-C0 (EV1)
Surface treatment acc. to RAL
Anodised acc. to British Standard
Cassette: galvanised steel
Drive: Worm gear motor with brake
Relay / contactor control, 400V/50 HZ
Frequency converter control for soft run and superior speed, 230V/50 HZ
Emergency opening with crank handle
Emergency opening with hoist chain
Safety: TÜV certified anti-drop protection integrated in the guide tracks
Motor with integrated catch device
Opto-electronical safety edge with energy supply via an energy chain or conductor rail
External photo eye
External light curtain
Laser sensor
Anti-lift protection
Option: Wet room (car wash kit)
Lintel cover made in fibreglass
Door roofing in case of external installation
Pivoting side unit with or without passage door
Moveable guide tracks between two doors

■=Standard / □=Option / *= depending on size and equipment
**test certificate available


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