The ECPSPRINT Syncro is the double-leaf, synchronous and side-opening high-speed door. With spring force, both door leaves are simultaneously raised in seconds and rolled up in a compact upright profile – ideal for fast logistics processes, forklift traffic and air-conditioning locks.

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Technical data
Door size Width min. / max. (clear passage width) 1.100 / 3.500 mm
Height min. / max. (clear passage height) 1.700 / 3.500 mm
Camber requirement min. 255 mm
Space requirement Total depth min. / max. 420 mm
Space required laterally for drive side / non-drive side min. 350 / 350 mm
Height viewing window UK/ OK in standard 1.480 / 2.000 mm | 1.000 / 2.000 mm
Performance data Designed for up to ... Opening cycles per year 350.000
Short-time duty: Up to ... Opening cycles per hour 120
Opening speed max. 3,0 m/s
Closing speed max. 1,5 m/s (2,0)
Operating forces/safe opening according to EN 13241-1 fulfills
Watertightness according to EN 12425 Class 0
Differential pressure [up to Pa] 10
Airborne sound insulation Rw according to EN ISO 717-1 up to approx. 7 dB
Thermal resistance Up according to EN 12428 up to 5,9 W/m²K
Air permeability according to EN 12426 up to Class 0
Burglary protection according to DIN/ TS 18164 -
Fire protection class -filling- according to DIN 4102 up to B1
Selectivity number S -filling- (τV /g-value) -
Temperature application range Standard min. / max. 5 / 45 °C
Radar reflection insulation up to -
Resistance class -filling- according to DIN 356 up to -
Mains connection standard 230V / 50Hz
Sustainability DGNB compliant contribution at ENV1.3 Quality level 1
Requirement AgBB scheme -filling- -
Recyclable components approx. 97%
Energy efficiency/ Hi value other Components approx. -
Silicone free production fulfills
Safety installations OSE as closing edge safety device Standard
Light grid (integrated) as closing edge safety device Optional
Opening in case of power failure (with manual release) Standard
Opening automatically in case of power failure Optional
- = Values for this gate type not meaningful or not yet collected.