Car dealership Schweiger, Nesselwang (DE)

Attractive renovation of an old façade

The positive properties of the fibreglass material fulfilled the requirements of the renovation goal. Due to the low dead weight and the enormous rigidity, fibreglass can be customised for nearly any constructional situation. Due to the high level of translucence of the twin-walled fibreglass panels a light flooded interior is created in the car dealer´s shop, leading to considerably reduced daytime lighting expense. By installing fibreglass stacking doors and cladding the counter with the same material the homogeneous appearance is emphasised.

That's what it looked like before renovation:

The front as well as the backside of the car dealers shop were cladded with wood and “Profilit” glass. The wood cladding made the building look old-fashioned and dismal. The intent of the renovation was to upgrade the building entirely and make it more customer-friendly.

Products used:

Curtain wall:

Curtain wall VARIOPLANplus on the front and backside of the building. Infill fibreglass, 40 mm, UP=1,4 W/m2K, light transmittance 60%, colour Sapphire blue.
Fibreglass panels for the interior design.


3 stacking doors SPACELITE HT 40. Door panels in fibreglass, 40 mm, UP=1.4 W/m2K, colour Sapphire blue.


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