University of Applied Sciences Landshut, Technology Centre Dingolfing (DE)

Striking façade design for modern leading plant

With a new model factory on 900m² the technology centre „Production and Logistics Systems PULS“ in Dingolfing offers laboratories and project areas as well as various function rooms, creating an ideal infrastructure for teaching and applied research in the field of production and logistic systems. The technology centre was realized by a collaboration between the city of Dingolfing, the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut and numerous renowned companies that provided machines and other equipment.

For the cladding of the model factory, that maps a complete production and logistics flow, the customer looked for a material that ensures a combination of maximum light utilization and dependable sunscreen. The fibreglass modules of the Butzbach curtain wall system VARIOPLANplus allows the natural daylight to be spread far into the interior of the building – due to the special surface structure of fibreglass the light is dispersed into the building glare-free and without hard shadows, thus creating bright and pleasant workspaces. At the same time fibreglass limits effectively the heat input from outside into the building. Even in direct sunlight the building does not heat up unpleasantly and there is a comfortable climatic atmosphere with balanced temperatures at any season. No additional external sun screening device is required.

Due to the low weight of the fibreglass panels extraordinary architectural concepts can be realized: consequently the front of the suspended roof, which has a striking architecture thanks to a concave gable side, was also designed with fibreglass panels.

In addition to the curtain wall system two fibreglass stacking doors SPACELITE HT were integrated in the building skin: Upon opening the door panels stack safely and compactly in a cassette behind the lintel. Lighting fixtures and other fittings on the ceiling are not impaired.

Unlike conventional sectional doors (against which the customer had deliberately decided), the stacking doors are characterized by their low-wear design which purposely avoids protruding hinges, helix cables or springs susceptible to faults, and thus reduces maintenance work.

Products used

Curtain Wall:

Fibreglass elements, thickness 60 mm, U=1.1 W/m2K, colour Brilliant


2 stacking doors SPACELITE HT 40. Door panels in fibreglass, 40 mm, U=1.7 W/m2K, colour Brilliant

1 stacking door SPACELITE HT 40. Door panels in fibreglass, 40 mm, U=1.7 W/m2K, colour Brilliant.
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