Highway maintenance authority Freiburg (DE)

Holistic solution for a complex renovation

To upgrade a 40 year old highway maintenance authority to current energy efficiency standards and to adapt it to vehicles which always get bigger is a quite specific task. An unusual and holistic idea including Butzbach fibreglass doors and facades could furnish the solution: a steel frame structure erected in front of the old building fulfills at the same time the climate protection requirements and all functional aspects of the building.

Thermal insulation:The advanced building skin was executed as a continuous, thermally insulated shell. The integrated SPACELITE doors and the VARIOPLANplus curtain wall with their fibreglass infill, featuring a U-value of 1.4 W/m²K, could substantially participate in the energy-efficient renovation.

Door dimensions:The existing openings of the former folding doors had to remain entirely accessible, so that also the modern and much bigger snow plows of today can use the garages. The slim steel column construction placed in front of the old facade made a clearance of 4750 mm for all 16 SPACELITE doors possible, as required. In addition the depth of the building could be extended by approx. 1m.

Natural light: Due to the highly light transmitting fibreglass in the facade and in the doors, the entire building front turns into a passive light source. This contributes substantially to an economy in energy consumption, as the need for artificial light is reduced. Furthermore the employees appreciate very much the bright and dazzle-free light quality especially for their repair and maintenance works in the garages.

Practical operation: The sectional doors open fully automatically, they are robust, need almost no maintenance and can be operated at any weather conditions. The integrated pass doors with nearly barrier free threshold make the access for staff fast and safe. Integrated panoramic screens give perfect view into or out of the buildings.

Design: The adapted design with SPACELITE fibreglass doors, a perfectly aligned horizontal structure in the VARIOPLANplus fibre glass facade and the treatment of all metal surfaces in DB 703 lead to a modern and uniform design of the entire building complex and make the highway maintenance authority in all aspects an absolutely successful renovation.

Products used:

Curtain wall:

Fibreglass curtain walls VARIOPLANplus. Infill fibreglass, 40 mm, UP=1.4 W/m2K, light transmittance 60%, colour Emerald green.


16 sectional doors SPACELITE HTU with pass door. Door panels in fibreglass, 40 mm, UP=1.4 W/m2K, colour Emerald green.


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