Freedom in the application and a sophisticated product design are key factors for the doors and curtain walls from Butzbach. The product range does not only offer superior performance in the technical functions, is also creates a base for an innovative and creative building design. With the special features of our specific materials like fibreglass and their extra-ordinary design possibilities your can also reward industrial or functional buildings with a unique design.

  • Bright, glare-free light quality in the building
  • Superior light transmission, but no direct view
  • Thermal insulation and sun protection comparable to insulated solar protective glass
  • For complete building envelopes or combined with industrial doors
  • Unique light ambiance due to fibreglass
  • Very good energy efficiency for sustainable building
  • Combination with real glass door panels possible
  • Individual surface treatment of the aluminium profiles
  • Glass façade design with real glass and aluminium
  • No vertical separation up to 3.9 m width
  • Very good thermal insulation due to double glazing
  • Perfect integration in curtain walls or other structures
  • Opening technology with robust components
  • Various options for specific functions and designs
  • Design aligned with fibreglass curtain walls
  • Individual surface treatment of the aluminium profiles
  • The shop entrance which disappears at the push of a button
  • Elegant, end-to-end real glass door elements
  • Fine design with slim profiles
  • Superior protection against intruders


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