Aviation and aeronautics industry

Individual solutions for most diverse applications, a high degree of protection against dust or against air contamination by materials, and an effective visual or sound protection – the highly technological businesses in the aviation industry also have a superior demand in protection and function. The special product solutions and options, such as specific sealing technologies, and the high quality of materials employed ensure that the closed door can offer such a top quality function.

  • Glare-free light quality in the garage due to fibreglass
  • Compact design with wall attachment
  • Sizes up to W x H: 5.5 x 6 m, also for big good’s handling
  • Individual complement with side elements, side doors …
  • Special door for very demanding applications
  • Dimensions up to 10 m width and 16 m height
  • Ideal in case of extreme wind loads
  • Door width up to 15 m, door height up to 16 m
  • Fibreglass panels with thermal insulation comparable to triple glazing
  • Very good light transmittance combined with low weight
  • Many specific adaptations possible
  • Opening technology with robust components
  • Door panels with translucent fibreglass
  • Very economic operation
  • Extended life span due to low-wear design and materials
  • Certified in resistance class WK3
  • Unique door with translucent panels and WK3
  • No direct view through the special surface structure
  • Elegant design with translucent fibreglass
  • Sectional opening technology with robust components
  • Solid, barrier-free passage door the staff integrated
  • Effective safety technology for sectional door and pass door
  • Economic operation due to reduced maintenance
  • Our fastest industrial door with up to 5 m/s
  • Individual safety and control devices
  • Extreme life span combined with economic permanent operation
  • Guarantee up to 500 000 openings
  • Single sash high speed door with lateral opening
  • Minimum space requirement, ideal for corridors
  • Automatic opening and closing, access control possible
  • Guarantee up to 500 000 openings
  • The XXL high speed door
  • Dimensions up to 9 m width / 6 m height
  • Ideal for big vehicles or track-bound vehicles
  • Extreme life span combined with economic permanent operation
  • Safety in combined vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  • Physical separation of two lanes in one passage
  • Reduction of the risk of accidents and collisions
  • Retrofitting in existing buildings possible at any time
  • Hybrid door combining high speed door and stacking door
  • Immediate opening during times with high frequency
  • Safe and solid closure during non-working times
  • The setting down of the door leaf on the floor meets quality standards like in the food industry
  • No dirt or water can be lifted up and drop down on staff or goods
  • Protects against draught or dust
  • Patent pending technology for compensation of a floor unevenness up to 10 mm
  • Individual movement of the door leaves
  • For dimensions until beyond 400m wide and 30m high
  • Manual or electric operation
  • Bespoke solution adapted to each wish and need
  • Individual access to the hangar at any moment
  • Internal coupling of the door leaves
  • Parallel opening on the push of a button
  • Bespoke solution adapted to each wish and need
  • Door leaves guided along the hangar walls
  • Parking of the door leaves inside or outside the building
  • Ideal in case of limited space or circular hangars
  • Bespoke solution adapted to each wish and need
  • Bright, glare-free light until far into the room
  • Effective translucence, but no direct view
  • Thermal insulation and sun protection comparable to insulated solar protective glass
  • For complete building envelopes or combined with industrial doors


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