Shopping centres / malls

The requirements in shopping centres and in connected logistic processes are extremely diversified. A „disappearing“ shop-window for the entrance area, a fast and automatic separation door between sales area and stock, special logistic high-speed doors, and curtain walls for a superior light quality and yet avoiding ultraviolet rays are some examples for such heterogeneous applications. We have developed many specific solutions for doors and curtain walls which offer special benefits for the trade and sales business.

  • The shop entrance which disappears at the push of a button
  • Elegant, end-to-end real glass door elements
  • Fine design with slim profiles
  • Superior protection against intruders
  • Bright, glare-free light quality in the building
  • Superior light transmission, but no direct view
  • Thermal insulation and sun protection comparable to insulated solar protective glass
  • 100% absorption of UV radiation for protection of the goods
  • Our fastest industrial door with up to 5 m/s
  • Individual safety and control devices
  • Extreme life span combined with economic permanent operation
  • Guarantee up to 500.000 openings
  • Single sash high-speed door with lateral opening
  • Minimum space requirement, ideal for corridors
  • Automatic opening and closing, access control possible
  • Guarantee up to 500.000 openings
  • The setting down of the door leaf on the floor meets quality standards like in the food industry
  • No dirt or water can be lifted up and drop down on staff or goods
  • Protects against draught or dust
  • Patent pending technology for compensation of a floor unevenness up to 10 mm


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