High frequency industrial doors

Multiple handling of goods in short times means an extreme mechanical strain to high-speed doors. Their main application lies for example in heavily used transport routes, staff doors with high frequency, air locks, transport rails or machine guards. Besides the short opening delays a fast, automatic closing helps to guarantee shortest possible opening times. Our doors are specifically conceived for multiple opening cycles in short times and offer a minimum wear and tear due to the special technology and highly resilient materials. That leads to a superior reliability in operation, a minimum of maintenance, a high life expectation and as a result an extremely economic and efficient operation.

  • Our fastest industrial door with up to 5 m/s
  • Individual safety and control devices
  • Extreme life span combined with economic permanent operation
  • Guarantee up to 500 000 openings
  • Single sash high-speed door with lateral opening
  • Minimum space requirement, ideal for corridors
  • Automatic opening and closing, access control possible
  • Guarantee up to 500 000 openings
  • The XXL high speed door
  • Dimensions up to 9 m width / 6 m height
  • Ideal for big vehicles or track-bound vehicles
  • Extreme life span combined with economic permanent operation
  • Lateral opening with shortest opening delays
  • Execution in stainless steel according to hygiene requirements
  • No contact to the floor, no contamination of the door leaf
  • Guarantee up to 500 000 openings
  • Hybrid door combining high speed door and stacking door
  • Immediate opening during times with high frequency
  • Safe and solid closure during non-working times
  • With cut-outs for transport rails
  • Automatic function in the rhythm of the goods
  • Ideal for Big Bags or other transport devices
  • Guarantee up to 500 000 openings
  • Safety in combined vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  • Physical separation of two lanes in one passage
  • Reduction of the risk of accidents and collisions
  • Retrofitting in existing buildings possible at any time
  • High opening and closing speed
  • The „marathon runner among the sprinters“
  • Designed for more than 100 000 opening per year
  • For exterior application, with light transmitting fibreglass


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