Hinterstoisser Air Base, Zeltweg (AT)

In 2007, Butzbach had the opportunity to carry out one of the largest jobs in its company history. The customer for this major project was the Heeresbauverwaltung Süd, the southern military construction administration, of the Republic of Austria.

The installation site is on the premises of the Hinterstoisser Air Base in Zeltweg in Styria (AT). Today, the air base named after Franz Hinterstoisser, the Austrian pioneer in flight, is used for aerial surveillance as well as being the training and simulation centre for the Eurofighter of the Austrian Armed Forces. In the course of the deployment, the entire premises for this was converted and renovated.

24 of the newly developed stacking doors SPACELITE were manufactured, delivered and assembled for the twelve new deployment boxes of the Eurofighter. Every stacking door 180 with the dimensions 17.0 m x 7.5 m was produced from aluminium profiles and a fibreglass door filling in the shade of Brilliant.

In addition, every door was equipped with four viewing windows. In the deployment boxes, two stacking doors each were installed opposite to one another as the entrance and exit door that can be opened and closed at the same time. In order to ensure a horizontal alignment, different specified construction heights had to be balanced out using an adjustment element at the bottom door panel.

The architecture firm pittino & ortner (AT) took the lead in planning for the project. In order to accommodate the architecture of both buildings that together form a rotor blade of a helicopter, the horizontal alignment was particularly emphasised.


Zákazník: Hinterstoisser Air Base

Umístění: Zeltweg (AT)


24 stacking doors SPACELITE® (special design with dimensions 17 x 7,5m)


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