Formula 1 Race Track Abu Dhabi (AE)

Butzbach supplied 75 SPACELITE stacking fibreglass doors in the pit stop lane of the formula 1 race track in Abu Dhabi. Further doors among them some SECTIOLITE sectional doors, have been installed at the Parc Fermé, (the after-race parking lot for the racing cars) as well as for medical center.

Apart of the outstanding reliability and the special optical appearance, the impact of light at the inside of the pit building have been crucial criteria for choosing Butzbach for this prestigious project.

Technicians working on site express their excitement about the bright working spaces at the inside which make a significant difference to other race tracks where only too often conventional sandwich doors can be found. All that under consideration of confidentiality in respect to the work being done inside – despite its translucency the fiberglass does not allow curious glances.


Zákazník: Formel 1 Rennstrecke

Umístění: Abu Dhabi (VAE)


75 stacking doors SPACELITE®

6 sectional doors SECTIOLITE®


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