Fruchthof Nagel, Neu-Ulm (DE)

Fast, secure and optimally coordinated with the customer’s processes – that is how interior and exterior doors from Butzbach are supporting efficient, process-led operations at Fruchthof Nagel GmbH.

Secure exterior doors

A large number of SPACELITE stacking doors that are installed on the loading ramps serve as reliable external closures. Their spaceefficient opening principle (the door panels are stacked in a protected, space-effective arrangement in a console behind the lintel) was considered ideal for the conditions onsite, because there are ventilation systems installed directly behind the doors.

Swift passage

Inside, the customer is increasingly shifting to the horizontally opening NOVOSPRINT high-speed doors and intends gradually to replace the vertically opening ones currently installed with NOVOSPRINT doors.
The NOVOSPRINT principle, in which the skins of both door halves are rolled open sideways at top speed at the same time, offers safe and efficient intralogistics: the entire passageway height is available immediately and a collision e.g. with goods on a forklift truck is practically ruled out. This protects the employees as well as the goods and the door itself. The sideways opening direction of the door leaves ensures
that no particles of dirt or dirty water are entrained up with the door before then falling or dripping down onto unpackaged goods.

Automatic fast opening and closing as well as the short opening times furthermore reduce the exchange of air between individual storage zones, an important consideration especially in halls with different interior temperature zones.

One of the NOVOSPRINT doors is already equipped with the new optional ground closure, meaning that Butzbach fills the gap above the floor left as a result of the sideways movement of the door’s leaves; this affords enhanced protection against rodents, insects, draughts and dust.

Even surface irregularities of up to 10 mm are reliably compensated by the special flexible sealing lip.


Zákazník: Fruchthof Nagel

Umístění: Neu-Ulm (DE)


Stacking doors SPACELITE®

High-speed doors NOVOSPRINT® with option ground closure


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