Helicopter Hangars, Karup (DK)

Within only a few minutes the helicopter crews of the Danish maritime search and rescue (SAR) teams have to start directly from the hangar, and this under any weather condition. For their nine helicopters they looked for functional and robust hangar doors, which are characterized by fast opening and maximum reliability, even in the event of storm. A total of ten stacking door systems Butzbach SPACELITE meet these and other demanding requirements.

Large opening widths

In order to realize the largest possible opening width, two doors each form a double door system. A moveable guide rail is located between the two doors, which can be easily pushed aside by hand and allows an opening width of 21 meters. In case of an emergency the opening position of the guide rail is monitored by the control centre in order to ensure a rapid and troublefree start of the helicopters.

Space-saving construction

Due to several crane runways running along the entire width of the halls, a millimetre-accurate and spacesaving construction of the door system was decisive. The opening mechanism of the stacking door is characterized by a minimum of space requirements: Upon opening the door panels stack safely and compactly behind the lintel and thus do not interfere with the crane runways in the hall.

Light transmission and thermal insulation

The stacking doors are filled with translucent fibreglass in the colour “Brilliant”. Due to the integration of insertion foils, the already very good thermal insulation values of the door system were further improved and a thermal insulation value of Ud = 1.4 W/m²K was achieved.

Sound insulation

The Butzbach stacking doors also score in terms of noise protection, which plays an important role due to the high noise development of the revolving helicopter rotor blades. When doors are closed this is a further important advantage compared to e.g. fabric doors, where the noise level can be additionally amplified due to vibrations of the door skin.

Resistance to wind load

Due to the proximity to the coast and the helicopters themselves, the surface, especially of these large doors, is subjected to important loads. The installed doors are designed to meet wind load values of 1,150 N/m², which correspond to wind class 5 or wind force 14 according to Beaufort, and thereby reliably resist to storm conditions and wind speeds of over 150 km/h.


Zákazník: Helicopter Hangars for sea rescue

Umístění: Karup (DK)


10 stacking doors SPACELITE® with option movable mullion


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