Hermann Reckers, Rheine (DE)

The Hermann Reckers GmbH & Co. KG in Rheine has over 100 years of experience and tradition in the manufacture and processing of cast parts. Heat and dust are the norm in the production area of the foundry. Technical building equipment has to be effective and dependable despite these tough conditions. For the door systems installed in the factory, the highest value was therefore placed on robust and reliable systems.

On the outside, Butzbach installed numerous fibreglass stacking doors SPACELITE that have no hinges, cables or springs that would be susceptible to faults, already significantly reducing the amount of maintenance work needed for a “normal” level of use and avoiding consequential costs. The benefits inside the iron foundry are even more pronounced: “The foundry sand settles everywhere and moving parts such as the joints or hinges of conventional doors would immediately be covered with this fine dust – where it would act like sandpaper. This would place extreme loads on the door and would naturally result in high maintenance costs or even faults”, explained the technical director at Reckers, Hermann Bülter. “By avoiding such wearing parts, Butzbach excludes this risk. Thanks to the reduced amount of maintenance work, the stacking door is definitely the most cost-effective solution for us”. In addition to this advantage, the stacking doors are also convincing at Reckers thanks to the fibreglass material and the unconventional opening principle: Upon opening the door panels stack safely and compactly in a cassette behind the lintel. Light fixtures and additional equipment on the ceiling are not affected.

Inside the foundry, a large number of NOVOSPRINT high-speed doors allow traffic to move rapidly and safely between the individual halls. The sideways opening action of the two leaves of the door halves the opening time, and in contrast to vertically opening systems the user immediately has the entire height of the passage available. This avoids the risk of a collision with the door or of it landing on people or goods.


Zákazník: Hermann Reckers GmbH & Co. KG

Umístění: Rheine (DE)


7 stacking doors SPACELITE®

3 high-speed doors NOVOSPRINT®

Option Tor-KombinationOption door combinations


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