Rommel Kaserne, Dornstadt (DE)

The “Rommel Barracks” in Dornstadt include the Medical Regiment 3 and an Automotive Training Center of the German Federal Armed Forces. Furthermore, one of Germany’s 54 bases of the Army Maintenance Logistics GmbH (HIL) is based here. The HIL is a company owned by the federal with the mandate to ensure the availability of land-based weapon systems of the army – including the associated repair and maintenance services.

As part of the renovation of a brake test bench for vehicles of the Federal Armed Forces the customer decided for Butzbach stacking doors SPACELITE. The SPACELITE is a door system that adapts flexibly to the existing constructional conditions due to its compact design. A side entrance adjacent to the door made a laterally opening folding door impossible whereas lighting devices as well as extraction and heating systems located on the ceiling limited the scope for an overhead door.

The door panels of the Butzbach stacking door SPACELITE stack safely and compactly in a cassette behind the lintel upon opening. Lighting fixtures and other fittings on the ceiling are not impaired. Of course the efficiency of investments also plays a major role for the customer: The low-wear design of Butzbach stacking doors purposely avoids protruding hinges, helix cables or springs susceptible to faults and thus reduces maintenance work and contributes to the creation of an economic building.

The satisfied customer intends to use Butzbach doors for upcoming projects.


Zákazník: Rommel-Kaserne

Umístění: Dornstadt (DE)


2 stacking doors SPACELITE® in brilliant


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