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The Sports Boarding School Regensburg started in 2002 as Europe’s first baseball boarding school and has, since then, brought forth numerous talents. The school is basically available to all sports in Regensburg, currently 20 of the available 30 rooms are occupied by baseball players of the Buchbinder Legionaries. Just recently a new building housing a training hall, boarding rooms, common rooms, a caretaker flat, changing rooms, offices and catering facilities was inaugurated.

The new baseball training hall extends over 700m², providing enough space for the strength and power training, fitness training, batting practice as well as throwing and catching training of the young baseball players. For the long sides of the hall Butzbach supplied several elements of the curtain wall system VARIOPLANplus with integrated fixed glazing and windows. The superior light transmittance of fibreglass leads to a glare-free illumination inside the hall ensuring optimal training conditions for young athletes. Thanks to this passive light utilization artificial lighting can be almost dispensed with during the day, which leads to a reduction in lighting expenses and energy costs.

The excellent thermal insulation of the twin-walled fibreglass panels regulates effectively the temperature in the training hall, in combination with a simultaneous effective limitation of the heat input into the 
building. The athletes will find favourable indoor climate conditions during their workouts which enables a sustainable training operation.

Thanks to the self-supporting and fully sealed fibreglass elements as well as to the low weight of fibreglass the translucent curtail wall elements could be implemented in an exceptional architectural shape: the fibreglass surface has been designed as a parallelogram with tapered lateral profiles and rounded corners. The fibreglass colour “brilliant” highlights this modern accent and also contributes to the timeless architecture of the new training hall.


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Fibreglass facade VARIOPLANplus


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