Jet Alliance, Vienna (AT)

For the new construction of two hangars for the company JET ALLIANCE at the Vienna airport, two electrically operated sliding door systems with a width of 74 m and a height of 13 m made of steel were required. The architect  performing the work here was in search of a door solution with which the design of the facade could be visually carried over into the door system. The horizontally positioned twinwalled fibreglass panels in the colours Brilliant and Sapphire Blue contain the pattern of the facade and impart the entire door system with a unique colour accent. The high translucence of fibreglass allows enjoyable work in the interior of the hall even with the door closed and at the same time reduces the necessary lighting expenses in the hangar.

The two integrated pass doors without thresholds allow the personnel easy entry into the hall. The door system is made up of four door leaves, each 18.5 m wide, that can each be driven along four continuous tracks. A row of windows integrated into the door enables a clear view of the area in front of the hall.

Both the client, the company PORR AG, and the end customer JET ALLIANCE were extremely satisfied with the on-schedule construction of the door system.


Zákazník: Jet Alliance

Umístění: Wien (AT)


2 hangar doors opening principle sliding door with integrated staff doors


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