Anti-drop device AS-D

The catch device for 100% protection against falling door panels or machine guards

The question of safety is a criterion that cannot be ignored whatever the type of door or guard. According to the European Standards for doors (Directive for building products), all manually and power-operated doors that have a vertical movement must be fitted with an approved anti-falling device. The Butzbach Protection System provides an ideal safety system for many applications.
Simple installation allows trouble-free fitting to stacking doors, hinged doors, counter-balanced doors, sectional doors, roller doors, roller shutter doors, noise protection doors, powered windows and machinery guards. They can be fitted to new or retro-fitted to existing installations.



Catch device for absolutely safe protection

  • The Butzbach Anti-drop device are tested and approved by German Technical TÜV Institute, are in line with state-of-the-art technology and correspond to current regulations
  • The integrated self-control mechanism ensures the permanent availability of the protective features. Falling door panels or guards are caught and arrested immediately and in any case (e.g. in case of broken chains, failure of the drive, material failure…)
  • After activation of the catch device the door panel can be restored. The anti-drop device is again active after control according to the operating manual
  • The anti-drop device can be installed easily and needs only a minimum of maintenance

Easy installation

  • Butzbach Protection Systems are self-supporting and can be installed easily on all types of doors without any need for alterations to the door construction or the static of the building.
  • Their compact, straightforward design facilitates rapid functional testing. The integrated switch-off mechanism has no need of spiral cable.
  • The Protection System can be retro-fitted to existing doors without any difficulties. Furthermore, it is possible to use the safety rail as guide rail.
  • The Protection System is delivered ready for installation and comprises one pair of aluminium safety rails with switch-off mechanism (optional), one pair of fall arresters as well as mounting fittings, if required.
  • Conventional doors require no switch-off mechanism.

Technical data

The Butzbach Protection System is available in various models to suit the weight of the door: AS 200-D, AS 400-D, AS 800, AS 1000 and AS 2000. The model numbers relate to the permitted total weight of the door panel or the guard in kg. Protection Systems for doors with a low opening height are available upon request.

Type AS 200-D AS 400-D AS 800 AS 1000 AS 2000
TÜV Certificate No. Tor FV 8/136 Tor FV 8/136 Tor FV 8/137 Tor FV 4/027 Tor FV 6/093
Operating speed 0,5 m/s 0,5 m/s 0,5 m/s 0,5 m/s 0,5 m/s
Permitted panel weight per pair 204 kg 428 kg 818 kg 1000 kg 2000 kg
Arrested strength per fall arrested 5800 N 12180 N 43964 N 40850 N 73000 N
Safety rails (BxT) 31 x 67 mm 31 x 67 mm 46 x 104 mm 52 x 124 mm 52 x 124 mm


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