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Thinking about the future together - acting today for tomorrow!

As a family business, sustainable thinking towards our environment, our society and all future generations is the basis of our actions. Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy. This is why we set ourselves ambitious goals in the environmental, social and economic areas. Sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of our products also takes centre stage, particularly in terms of the quality and durability of our door systems. With a structured roadmap and a series of measures, we aim to reduce our CO2 emissions and promote sustainable business practices. We are also increasingly focussing on renewable energies and promoting the reuse of materials.

Sustainability of our

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The use of high-quality materials such as steel and aluminium enables us to easily return 98% of raw materials to the material cycle for reuse. When using plastics, the use of recyclates also helps to ensure that existing plastic does not end up as waste in the environment, but can be reused.



Longevity is the starting point of our sustainability strategy, which is why our high-quality doors have an extremely long service life. This can be significantly extended through regular maintenance. We also offer a spare parts service for our doors that are over 40 years old. We work in a service-orientated manner. For us, this means that we support our customers as a true partner throughout the entire service life of a door system.

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In addition to their long service life, our doors are real energy savers. Compared to conventional high-speed doors on the market, Butzbach doors consume around 90% less electricity during the opening and closing movement. Lifting doors with heat-insulating and translucent fibreglass infill can also save costs. This prevents unnecessary heat loss (U-value up to 0.65 W/m²K) and significantly reduces energy costs.

Sustainability of our


Regional suppliers

We attach great importance to sustainability in the area of procurement. Thanks to the extremely high vertical integration of 90% at our locations, we avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions. The suppliers we work with are based in the region. This is very important to us, as it eliminates long delivery routes. We also pay attention to regionality when it comes to our meals. Our employees can order their lunch locally. We have found a local restaurant as a supplier that provides us with fresh and delicious meals every day. This not only protects the environment, but also strengthens the regional economy.

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Power consumption

We have already taken various energy-saving measures to reduce energy consumption. These include, for example, efficient lighting, optimised heating and cooling systems and a conscious decision not to use air conditioning units thanks to efficient ventilation. This not only reduces our energy consumption, but also provides better lighting conditions and greater safety in the workplace. We have also made a number of energy-saving investments in our machinery and administration. We are also replacing fossil-fuelled industrial trucks with electric vehicles for our internal goods transport.


Electric vehicles

We are actively committed to sustainability in our vehicle fleet! A large proportion of our company vehicles are equipped with electric drives, and special car parks with free charging points for electric vehicles are available at our locations. This switch to electric vehicles not only makes economic sense, but also makes a significant contribution to environmental protection. Electric vehicles not only reduce CO2 emissions, but also minimise the impact of particulate matter, noise and pollutants. With this sustainable mobility solution, we are sending a clear signal in favour of environmentally conscious action and actively contributing to improving air quality.

Sustainability of our


Occupational health & safety

The health and safety of our employees is our top priority. We are committed to creating safe working conditions at our sites. Specialists in occupational safety, fire protection and our company doctor actively support us in this endeavour. Regular visits to the company doctor promote the health and performance of our employees. We also offer them a company health care and pension scheme. With over 40 flexible working time models and the option of leasing company bicycles, we also promote a healthy work-life balance and help to reduce our environmental impact.


Training & developing of our employees

It is important to us to support and accompany our employees in their professional development and to offer various models. We also cater to the needs and personal objectives of our junior staff. We therefore offer internships, a choice of six different apprenticeships and the option of two dual study programmes. Our employees also have the opportunity to work from home. This means less commuting on the roads and lower costs for heated offices. This protects the environment, saves climate-damaging CO2 emissions and thus contributes to climate protection.


Waste management & digitalisation

To reduce the use of disposable products and packaging, we have implemented an effective waste management and recycling programme. When it comes to food, we focus on regional supply and completely avoid the use of disposable crockery. Thanks to electronic time recording, digital payroll accounting, electronic connection of service technicians, paperless logistics and the digital sales file, we were able to reduce paper consumption in the administrative area by over 80%. The next goal we are working towards is paperless production. We are currently implementing this at both of our sites.


We are doing our bit to reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions. An important first step on our path to CO2 neutrality is to determine our company's current emissions. This enables us to identify the main sources of these emissions. It is also important for us to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of our measures. Our carbon footprint includes not only the company itself, but also our supply chain. We set ourselves fixed annual targets, such as reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the recycling rate.



Occupational health and safety management system

Our employees are very important to us. That is why we make no compromises when it comes to occupational health and safety. Following the latest BG audit, we were recently certified again for the third time:

We fulfil the requirements for systematic and effective occupational health and safety based on the industry-specific implementation of NLF / ILO-OSH 2001, the procedural principle for auditing occupational health and safety management systems of BG ETEM, version 2019-01.

Butzbach_IFT zertifiziert_langlebige Schnelllauftore

ift Rosenheim

Our doors are extremely durable - not only because we use very few wearing parts, but also because of our high-quality components.

The ift Rosenheim has certified our ECOSPRINT Syncro, which has reached 1,000,000 openings after 245 days:

"Durability of doors / service life in movement cycles"

Our test door is currently at around 2,000,000 openings - without unscheduled repairs.


Energy label

Our doors are real energy savers. If we compare our ECOSPRINT high-speed door with a vertically opening high-speed door, it becomes clear just how much energy can be saved with horizontally opening high-speed doors.

During the opening movement alone, our ECOSPRINT requires only 4.5 % of the energy required by the vertically opening high-speed door. With 350,000 openings per year, that's 314.6 kWh compared to 7,000 kWh.

If we assume 0.40 €/kWh, we save around 2,674.00 € / year with the ECOSPRINT.

Ü-Zeichen FG40+60

Certificate of conformity

We produce our fibreglass in our in-house laminating plant. We are audited twice a year to ensure the high quality and resulting longevity of our products. We also carry out our own factory production control (which goes far beyond the approval requirements). Our fibreglass panels proudly bear the Ü mark and are therefore produced using valid processes on qualified production facilities.

Recycling bei Butzbach


Recycled toner

Despite the enormous reduction in our paper consumption, there are still printers at Butzbach - as everywhere else. These printers need toner. We have a sustainable agreement with our supplier "Topcart": our old toners are collected and professionally disposed of or recycled. In this way, we are taking another step in the right direction every day.

Recycling partner programme
Pekutherm Kunststoffe GmbH
By returning the recyclates to the raw material cycle, around 20 tonnes of CO2 emissions could be saved in 2023.


GRP circuit

In collaboration with the IGCV, we are currently working on economical processes for the recycling of GRP.

Following a joint master's thesis, research is currently being conducted into efficient recycling management together with other partners as part of the MAI Rigatoni project.

The aim is to reuse our GRP waste and utilise the benefits for new products. We will also reuse some of the waste in our own products.