Quality and reliability
for maintenance and repairs

At BUTZBACH, service focus means supporting our customers in a genuine partnership with our own assembly and service staff throughout the entire lifespan of their industrial and hangar doors.

It is our mission to guarantee smooth operations within your business. We offer a large range of services for maintenance and accident prevention testing. Our Butzbach service team is available from Monday to Saturday around the clock. Our highest priority is the repair of your damaged door.

Our specialist departments are pleased to advise any questions regarding industrial and hangar doors.

Your advantages

Continuous support over the entire lifetime of your industrial and hangar doors
Maintenance and repair abroad by certified sales partners
Comprehensive service package for maintenance and regulations for accident prevention
Long-term, reliable provision of spare parts
Central deployment planning, short response times between 24 and 48 hours and fast repair in the event of damage
Available around the clock from Monday to Saturday

Our service network

Our service network

With over 50 locations all over Germany, we ensure that our specialists are always on site quickly when you need them. For all our doors, we ensure not only an above-average product life but also a long-term supply of spare parts with original Butzbach parts.

Service network Germany

Thanks to our comprehensive network of competent service technicians and our qualified staff in our central support centre, we can provide you with professional support for your concerns.tralen Support-Center können wir Sie bei Ihren Anliegen professionell unterstützen.

Service network worldwide

We guarantee comprehensive services through our worldwide sales partners. Thanks to many years of cooperation and regular intensive training and further education, our internationally certified partners are very familiar with our products and thus ensure high-quality support for your Butzbach door systems.

Service network worldwide

Our claim is a smooth process in your company. The regular maintenance by competent personnel is important for the permanent operational readiness of all gates. This can avoid unplanned downtimes and thus disturbances in your operational sequence. In addition to the longevity of our products, we offer you a comprehensive service package for maintenance, UVV testing and inspection according to ASR 1.7. Wear parts can be replaced directly and without additional costs for a new start as a preventive measure.

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Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I have any questions or problems regarding my door?

Contact us by e-mail ( or by telephone at +49 8337 901 -111

Please always have the door number & door type designation ready

Where can I find the door number & door type designation?

You will find the door number & door type designation on the silver type plate, which is attached to the guide track of the door

What should I do when I receive my spare part delivery?

Please call us again at the Service Center and let us know the order or delivery note number