Thanks to the constant development of the Butzbach production management, we can now proudly present our new horizontally opening ECOSPRINT®.

The high-speed door ECOSPRINT® is universally applicable and finds its place in logistics, industry, mail order houses as well as in production. It separates individual areas from each other, reduces draughts and heat exchange, saves energy and creates a safe process for people and the flow of goods. In addition, the ECOSPRINT® minimises collision damage, as the full clearance height is immediately available due to the side opening.

Why do you need an ECOSPRINT®?
Our high-speed door guarantees you fast and smooth processes. If you choose the classic ECOSPRINT® Syncro, you get a high-speed door that rolls the tarpaulins of both door halves to the side in a fraction of a second, while the one-sided rolling high-speed door ECOSPRINT® Mono, was specially developed for narrow passages and is often used in passenger traffic for space- and time-saving processes.

With more than 1,000,000 opening cycles, a currentless opening in case of emergency and an opening speed of up to 3m/s, the ECOSPRINT® offers many advantages such as perfect room separation, an immediate full passage height and safe logistics processes.
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Butzbach High-speed doors ECOSPRINT®
Sophisticated. Functional. Value for money.

Protect your valuables with style!
Certified security with an attractive design at the same time? With the burglar-resistant doors from Butzbach this is possible. It is no secret that the topic of burglar resistance is becoming more and more present. Especially for renovations or new buildings, this topic should be included in the planning. Butzbach lift gates with RC3 certification are a possible solution for this, because in contrast to heavy steel gates commonly available on the market, Butzbach gates offer you light permeability and appealing aesthetics thanks to the fiberglass filling.
Classic Butzbach lift gates already have RC2 certification near the standard version.
For explanation: The abbreviation RC stands for “Resistance Class” and is based on the standard DIN/TS 18194. Classes 1-6 are distinguished with increasing protective effect.
In order to increase this protective effect, Butzbach has developed a further burglar-resistant RC3 certified lift gate. The test to obtain certification is carried out in three stages: In addition to a static and dynamic load on the test specimen, it must equally withstand a manual burglary test.
The RC3 version of the lift gate differs from the RC2 version on the one hand in its appearance, because all gate leaves are each equipped with an additional intermediate profile and are thus appropriately secured. Furthermore, in addition to an additional electromechanical lock, additional mounting brackets are installed.
This burglar-proof door is suitable for many industries. Whether in a workshop, a car dealership or a large factory building – everywhere there are things that are valuable and need to be secured. The advantage over other anti-burglary doors on the market here is the aesthetics. The fiberglass filling is translucent and gives the door a certain lightness.
But this does not only apply to the classic lift gate, which convinces with its innovative lifting stagger technology: Butzbach also offers RC3-certified XL lift gates and sectional gates. In this way, the customer is on the safe side – regardless of the door requirement.
Safety can also be beautiful.


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We have developed the HT180 Hybrid for a major order. This door must contractually withstand a wind load of 1.8 tons per door leaf. The predicted mechanical performance has now been tested in reality. For this purpose, the calculated wind load was simulated by applying a surface load. This was done with the aid of gritted salt bags. The measurement procedure was carried out in accordance with the specifications in the door standard EN 12444. Thanks to the assistance of our trainees Marcel Spleiß, Lukas Neugebauer and Lukas Frank, the tests were carried out smoothly and quickly. In the first test, the 15.1 m long test panel was loaded with the targeted area load at the highest possible span width. Subsequently, the plate was loaded in the second test for the actual fracture test at a slightly reduced support distance. This showed that the real value was even higher than the predicted value. More than 3.5 tons of load were required until the failure point was reached. At the end of the day, around 10 tons of test weight were thus moved. A remarkably positive effect of our composite construction method: After the breaking load was removed, the panel returned to almost its original position. Fiberglass and aluminum – a special material combination! You can see both the breakage test and the test with the real load of 1.8 tons in fast forward in the videos.

For those who do winter sports now is the best time of the year. It is getting cold and many hills are already snowcapped.

Niklas Opdenhoff, apprentice in technical product design, also is encouraged about this season. The 20-year-old is a passionate skier since his second birthday.

This enthusiasm is also caused by his relatives because, come as Niklas, his grandfather, father and brother also entered skiing competitions.

At the beginning of 2020, several national and international races were taking place. In these races Niklas was very successful:

For seven months each year, the young athlete revolves around his big hobby: from October to May, he goes on the slopes in Germany, Austria or Italy almost every weekend. This season Niklas stood on his skis for the first time in August while others tanned at the bathing lakes. Most often, he goes to the Stubai Glacier in Tyrol during the winter months. In the foreseeable future, Niklas wants to fulfill a dream and race down the slopes in the United States or Canada.

In his club, the racing team of the German Alpine Club (DAV) in Ulm, slalom, parallel slalom and giant slalom are trained. However, the many hours on snow are not enough to be able to curve around the bars and gates as quickly and smoothly as possible. During the week, stretching and coordination exercises as well as strength training are on the program almost every day after work – either at home or at the DAV. He is also very ambitious when it comes to frequent swimming or racing.

Butzbach has been Niklas’ official partner since October 2018. The company logo is emblazoned on his helmet, his peaked cap and his jacket. His employer also accompanies him in his free time and supports the young talent on the way to success.

Travel with us through the countries of Europe! You will meet Butzbach on your adventure through the Europapark Rust mainly in Iceland and Russia. Our doors can not only be used in production halls, cold stores or logistics centers. No, the NOVOSPRINT high-speed door has been a long-term companion for some roller coasters in Europapark and is essential for a unique driving experience and the right atmosphere.


Fast-paced and not for the faint of heart: Blue Fire

The Blue Fire looping roller coaster accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds and races past the rugged rock formations, the breathtaking landscapes and the underground mine. With our high-speed door NOVOSPRINT, the interior scenery is separated from the outside world before the catapulting start. Thanks to the horizontal opening principle of our door in a matter of seconds, the tension is maintained until the end, because the passenger cannot see the further course of the roller coaster for the time being. In just a few seconds the NOVOSPRINT opens, the Blue Fire accelerates and nothing stands in the way of the highest looping of a catapult rollercoaster in Europe.


Discover distant galaxies: Euro Mir

The gondola of the Euro Mir roller coaster slowly winds up to a height of 28 meters. Due to the opaque tarpaulin of our high-speed door and the completely darkened tower of the Euro-Mir, the tension of the passengers increases with the height. Once at the top, a black Butzbach NOVOSPRINT door can be seen for a split second. When the gate is opened, the passengers come into daylight and then rush into the depths of Russia at a speed of 80 km/h in a dive.


Come on an expedition: Whale Adventures

Younger visitors can also discover Butzbach doors in Europapark. On the boat trip through Iceland, the little landlubbers sail past puffins and walruses, as well as through two adventurous dark ride passages. To support the lighting effects and the atmosphere, the opaque black high-speed door NOVOSPRINT shields the interior from the outside area. An exciting fur seal adventure full of water games awaits in the fresh air behind our NOVOSPRINT.


Picture Euro Mir ©Europapark

The Swabian Chamber of Industry and Commerce has honored our apprentice Tim Werner as the best exam graduate in the Neu-Ulm and Günzburg area in 2019/2020. He has achieved top performance in the training occupation of industrial clerk.

For this, Mr. Werner was presented with a “certificate of excellence” from the IHK. The head of human resources Lukas Butzbach and head of training Sarah Markmann also thanked him for his commitment.

Here is a short excerpt from Tim Werner’s training period:

“Looking back, I spent two very varied and exciting years during my training at Butzbach. The first three months in the shipping department were a particular challenge. Here I quickly learned to work independently and to take on my own area of responsibility for the entire national shipping department. I was also quickly integrated into the team in the Service department, where I was deployed for a total of 9 months, and thus quickly became an integral part of the administration, where I was able to take on many varied tasks. The regular exchange with other trainees at spring meetings, Christmas parties and joint barbecue afternoons were further highlights for me during my training period. The trainee rotation program also gave me an insight into other areas of activity at Butzbach. I was able to put my technical skills to the test during a gate repair together with a fitter.”


We wish Mr. Werner continued success in his current studies at the DHBW.

In a recent article, the magazine “Pilot und Flugzeug” provides an exclusive insight into flight operations in times of Covid-19.
Pilots are accompanied by central questions, such as:

How do I get to my workplace?
The tower is only manned on a makeshift basis. How can I still take off and land?
What regulations do I have to observe after landing?

A pilot’s account of his experiences gives an insight into the strange daily routine of a job in unusual times.

We pay special attention to the visual material. Because a Butzbach hangar door can clearly be seen on it. This is installed in the cooking hangar in Karlsruhe-Baden.

According to flight captain and author Jan Brill, it is “the best gate he has ever pushed open, because it works with 2 fingers!”

Read the full article here:

Butzbach Aviation supplied five hangar door systems measuring up to 160 m for the new Airbus A400M transport aircraft for the German military – each tailored to the particular use of each hangar in terms of equipment, method of opening and security criteria.

Within only a few minutes the helicopter crews of the Danish maritime search and rescue (SAR) teams have to start directly from the hangar, and this under any weather condition. For their nine helicopters they looked for functional and robust hangar doors, which are characterized by fast opening and maximum reliability, even in the event of storm. A total of ten stacking door systems Butzbach SPACELITE HT 150 meet these and other demanding requirements.

NOVOSPRINT® Duo, our innovative new side-opening high-speed door, has two door leaves that can be activated independently of each other. It’s ideal if you want to separate forklift and pedestrian traffic or two lanes from each other in a passageway for safety reasons.

NOVOSPRINT Duo will particularly appeal to safety officers and those with an awareness of safety. If it is not possible to have a separate pass door next to the doorway, a shared passageway for vehicles and pedestrians presents an acute risk of them coming face to face with each other. Now, though, this new high-speed door allows vehicle and pedestrian routes to be physically separated in one and the same passageway. Two door leaves that can be activated asynchronously, and optionally removable pedestrian guidance elements before and after the door, ensure that pedestrians and vehicles do not meet each other in the door area, “neutralising” this risk zone in the building. This technology can play an active part in reducing the more than 12,000 forklift accidents suffered alone in Germany every year. The maximum possible door width of 2,500 mm on each side similarly allows two forklift lanes to be separated from each other, avoiding the risk of oncoming traffic. The compact dimensions and the self-supporting structure mean that existing buildings can be easily upgraded at any time, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming structural work to install a separate door for pedestrians. The two door leaves can be designed with the same or different widths, allowing adaptation to the particular traffic situation. In practical operation each side is controlled and activated individually. If necessary, e.g. if large parts have to be transported, both leaves can be rolled open sideways at the same time, making the entire width of the opening available for use without any frame components in the way.