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BIM – Building Information Modeling
Efficient planning

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a method of digital planning, execution and management of structures that is increasingly used in the construction industry. BIM enables comprehensive, precise and efficient planning and construction of buildings.

Within the framework of BIM, all relevant information and data on a building or a structure are brought together in a central digital model. This model is a kind of virtual twin of the building and contains all the information needed for planning, execution and management.

In the case of doors, all relevant information such as dimensions, materials, opening functions, manufacturer specifications and maintenance requirements can be recorded in the BIM model. This centralised collection and consolidation of information can make the planning, execution and maintenance of the doors more effective.

The BIM model also offers the possibility to simulate and compare different variants of the doors. In this way, collisions between doors and other components can be avoided, for example. Changes and adjustments can also be implemented more quickly and precisely.

By using BIM, doors can thus be planned, built and maintained more efficiently and cost-effectively. This leads to a higher quality of the construction processes and ultimately to higher customer satisfaction.

BIM – Our solution
For your project

We support you in your planning and provide you with our product information in the form of BIM objects. Use our online configurator and generate your door - tailored to your project. Alternatively, our configurator can be easily integrated directly into the following planning software via plug-in: Autodesk Revit, Nemetschek ALLPLAN, Tekla, Graphisoft ArchiCAD and SketchUp.