Stacking doors SPACELITE®

Space-saving and efficient

Our SPACELITE stacking doors are space-saving and extremely wear-resistant. When opening each door element lines up vertically and compactly one behind the other.

Thanks to this mechanism, SPACELITE stacking doors are suitable for almost all installation situations - both in new buildings and for renovations.

With its innovative opening technology and door infill made of translucent fibreglass, Butzbach offers a unique optical and functional concept that meets your requirements.

Its trend-setting design and diverse equipment options make the SPACELITE door one of the most flexible industrial door systems in the world, which is also ideally suited for large-format doors.

Stacking doors SPACELITE®
Your advantages

Extremely long lifetime due to a sustainable material selection and conception
No cost-intensive wear parts such as springs, hinges, spiral cables, etc.
Optimum light transmission due to fibreglass door filling
Maximum active and passive safety, e.g. through our TÜV-approved anti-drop devices
Extreme dimensions up to 15m width and 24m height possible
Outdoor installation possible

Stacking doors SPACELITE®
Our performances

More cost-effectiveness

The reliable SPACELITE direct drive operates without any wear parts such as tension or torsion springs – which minimizes maintenance efforts and costs. Thanks to the effective door sealing and extensive light transmission, you will also save energy on heating and lighting. The result is the perfect cost to benefit ratio.

Greater flexibility

The wall fastenings for our stacking doors make installation possible even with crane rails, exhaust systems, lighting, lifting platforms or other installations on the ceiling. XL formats and the option of installing the door externally are other features that prove the flexibility of our SPACELITE doors.The wall fastenings for our stacking doors make installation possible even with crane rails, exhaust systems, lighting, lifting platforms or other installations on the ceiling. XL formats and the option of installing the door externally are other features that prove the flexibility of our SPACELITE doors.

Better safety

The SPACELITE tracks, which are closed on three sides, ensure the highest level of safety because they avoid crushing risks and the danger of injuries. Thanks to their non-corrosive properties, the doors can also be used in environments with extreme conditions. The construction of the stacking doors with fibreglass door panels is highly impact-resistant and shockproof.

Stacking doors SPACELITE®
Suitable for every application


Pretty secure

With the RC3 certified stacking door, you are on the safe side. In contrast to conventional heavy steel doors, burglar-resistant Butzbach doors offer you light transmission and attractive aesthetics thanks to fibreglass, which is also stable and flexible at the same time.

Security can also be beautiful. Protect your treasures with style.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Certified security
  • Light transmission up to 78%
  • Attractive appearance

You can find more information about our beautifully secure doors here.

Permanently Reliable in extreme coperating conditions

Option wet room

With an additional package of features, the SPACELITE stacking doors can conquer even the toughest conditions, making them ideal for car washes – to name just one example. The doors can be integrated almost seamlessly ensuring harmonious building design.

Your benefits:

  • Reliable protection from corrosion, water jets and dust
  • Some structural elements can be made from stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised
  • Additional sealing of fibreglass panels, door panels and controls

Watch the video here

Fast and smooth opening & closing operation

Option soft-drive-system

The Butzbach soft-drive system opens your door quickly and smoothly through a frequency converter control.

Your benefits:

  • Opening speed of up to 40 cm/s possible
  • Suitable for all availabledoor panel fillings
Well protected from cold and draught

Option thermal insulation

We equip your SPACELITE stacking doors with an additional insulation - inside the twin-walled fibreglass panels and within the frame profile. The improved sealing also ensures a very efficient protection against draughts.

Your benefits:

  • Improved thermal insulation with Ug values of up to 0.83 W/m²K
  • Improved thermal insulation with Ud values of up to 1.3 W/m²K
  • High light transmittance despite additional insertion foils in the fibre glass
  • Available for all SPACELITE stacking doors and fibreglass installation thicknesses
For a safe passage
hubtor_Wegschwenkbares Seitenteil

Option side entrance door

Separate pedestrian entrances are the most safe solution for a reliable separation between driveway and sidewalk. The side entrance door can be permanently installed or can be realised as a swing-away side door.

Your benefits:

  • Individual equipment of the side door
  • Available with or without skylight
  • Uniform appearance of side and industrial door

Option swing-away side part

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Full-fledged side entrance door with simultaneous availability of the full passage width if needed
Double protection for extremly high traffic doors

Option door combinations

Fast operation and good thermal insulation – this is no contradiction in for the industrial doors from Butzbach. Our hybrid door solution combines the fast and extremly durable NOVOSPRINT high-speed door with the well-insulated SPACELITE stacking door. During busy periods, only the rapid rolling door can be active. In quieter periods, the SPACELITE door secures the building and offers an excellent thermal insulation.

Your benefits:

  • Low-wear and reliable in busy periods
  • Secures the building in quieter periods
  • Minimises heat loss and draughts
The easy way to multiply the available width

Option movable mullion

Many of our customers are looking for generously designed industrial doors - a requirement that can be easily fulfilled by the flexible SPACELITE system in standard design up to 15m width.

A multiple door system can be the optimal solution for even wider passages or for spatially limited  lintel situations. A movable mullion is located between the doors, which can easily be pushed to the side manually if necessary. In this way, the entire opening width can be used.

Your benefits:

  • Simple manual operation
  • Suitable for spatially limited lintel situations
  • For SPACELITE stacking doors in all sizes available
  • Extreme door widths can be achieved with standard door types
If there is not enoufh space inside the building

Option exterior installation

If you don’t have the needed space to install a stacking door inside the building, the SPACELITE is the perfect solution for you. The entire door construction can be easily installed on the outside of the building.

Your benefits:

  • Possible for all sizes of SPACELITE stacking doors
  • No inside installation
  • Customised roofing options

Watch the video here

Your door as a bright business card

Option laminated motifs

As we are the manufacturer of this unique infill material, we have the possibility of integrating picture motifs or logos directly into the fibreglass of your door. In this way you can´t only design your company building individually, you can also set effective light accents in the dark. Turn your stacking door into the luminous figurehead of your company!

Your benefits:

  • Picture motifs as advertising media
  • Individual design
  • Can be integrated on the full or partical door surface
Do you need support in planning and designing your stacking door? Contact us


Stacking doors SPACELITE® Vision
When your door becomes a shop window

Option real glass door panels

With the new SPACELITE Vision you achieve the optical effect of a glass facade: the real glass door panels and the individually coatable aluminium profiles enable a high-quality solution in design and technology. The function of an industrial door is permanently maintained with the advantageous opening technology and the proverbial Butzbach quality. Due to the permanent vertical position of the door elements, the stacking door made of real glass door panels meets the requirements of the Technical Rules for the Use of Linearly Positioned Glazing.

Contact us for more details

Stacking doors SPACELITE® Vision
Your advantages

With a width of up to 3980 mm, the door panels can be manufactured without any vertical interspacers
Elegant and high-quality design
Twin-walled ESG safety glass with an excellent thermal insulation
Compared to synthetic glazing: permanently no scratch and plaster marks as well as no tarnishing or fogging in the space between the glass panes
Compared to synthetic glazing: no optical deformation of the glass surfaces
Compared to synthetic glazing: no unwanted mirror effect and resulting intransparency

Stacking doors SPACELITE®
Technical data

Type HT40 HT60 HT80 HT150
Width min. - max. 1.000 - 5.500 mm 1.000 - 7.500 mm 2.000 - 10.000 mm 3.000 - 15.000 mm
Height min. - max. 1.000 - 8.920 mm 1.000 - 13.000 mm 1.000 - 16.000 mm 1.000 - 16.000 mm
Leaf weight max. 428 kg 770 kg 1680 kg 5000 kg
Single door panel height ca. 500 mm 500 / 1000 mm 1000 mm 1000 mm
Fibreglass door panel thickness 40 mm 60 mm 80 mm 150 mm
Lintel requirement min. 700 mm 750 mm 1250 mm 1360 mm
Opening speed up to 0,4 m/s 0,14 m/s 0,14 m/s 0,1m/s
Certified sound insulation Rw up to 21 dB 23 dB 26 dB auf Anfrage
Possible thermal insulation Ud 1,9 W/m²K 1,7 W/m²K 1,7 W/m²K 1,3 W/m²K
Resistance to wind load (width-dependent) class 2-5 class 2-5 class 2-5 class 2-5
Air permeability class 3 class 2 class 2 class 2
Resistance to water penetration class 2 class 2 class 2 class 2
Vision panel ✓ / -- -- --
Oval window
Wet room option on request on request on request
Protection against burglary WK3 -- -- --
Fibreglass cover as lintel facing on request
Swivwlling lateral element with or without door
Fix part with or without door in door look
Laterally movable guide track
Door mounted outside with door canopy on request on request
Combination with high-speed doors --
Note: Performance data depend on equipment and size ✓ (possible) -- (not possible) 05/ 2019
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