BUTZBACH Anti-drop device

The anti-drop device for 100% protection from falling doors and cladding

Safety is a major criterion when operating power-operated or manually operated doors and cladding. An elementary component of the safety features is a DIN-certified anti-drop device. With the Butzbach AS-D anti-drop device, we can offer you a certified safety system for versatile use with doors and rolling doors.

The Butzbach AS-D anti-drop device is easy to install and maintain. It can be easily integrated into stacking doors, swing doors, hinged doors, counter-balanced doors, sectional doors, rolling doors, roller shutter doors, noise protection doors, powered windows, machinery guards and equipment room doors – no matter whether it’s a new system or an existing one being retrofitted.



BUTZBACH Anti-drop devices
Your advantages

Certified safety
Simple assembly
Flexible use
Easy maintenance

BUTZBACH Anti-drop devices
Our performances

Maximum safety

The Butzbach anti-drop devices are tested by the German Technical Inspection Association corresponding to the state of the art and fulfilingl all  relevant guidelines. An integrated monitoring system ensures that the anti-drop device is always on standby.The Butzbach anti-drop device catches falling door leaves or claddings instantly and stops them. If the anti-drop device has been activated, the door leaf can be easily put back into working position immediately afterwards. After it has been checked, the anti-drop device is again ready for operation.


Butzbach anti-drop devices are self-supporting and can be easily mounted on any existing system. Neither the door construction nor the statics of the building or the machine have to be changed.

Each safety gear can be easily integrated into an existing system. The safety rail can also be used as a guide rail.



Easy assembly

The Butzbach anti-drop device is delivered ready for installation. It comprises a pair of aluminium safety rails and a pair of fall arresters, as well as an integrated damping system in types 200-D and 400-D. In addition, you will also receive the right installation brackets for your requirements. The Butzbach anti-drop devices are self-supporting and can easily be integrated into any system. No modifications have to be made to either the design of the door, the building statics or the machine

BUTZBACH Anti-drop devices
Technical data

Butzbach anti-drop devices are available in different versions. The type designations indicate the permissible overall weight of the door leaf or cladding in kilograms. We would be pleased to advise you on our anti-drop devices for systems with low lintel heights.

TypeAS 200-DAS 400-DAS 800AS 1000AS 2000
TÜV test numberTor FV 8/136Tor FV 8/136Tor FV 8/137Tor FV 4/027Tor FV 6/093
Operating speed0,5 m/s0,5 m/s0,5 m/s0,5 m/s0,5 m/s
Permissible leaf weight per pair204 kg428 kg818 kg1000 kg2000 kg
Catching force per safety rail5800 N12.180 N43.964 N40.850 N73.000 N
Safety rails (WxD in mm)31 × 6731 × 6746 × 10452 × 12452 × 124

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