King-Size Solutions

The work processes in an aircraft hangar are very demanding and require maximum organisation, efficiency and reliability. These requirements have to be fulfilled and Butzbach offers full support to master this task.

We support you right from the start in all planning considerations. We advise you on the size and position of your hangar door as well as on the opening principle, type of drive and choice of filling material. We take your safety equipment and architectural design aspects into account. Our specialists are your competent partners for all questions concerning the conception and planning of your hangar door.

Opening types

Opening principle sliding door

Open and close your hangar exactly where it is needed. Due to Butzbach sliding doors with freely movable door leaves each door element can be moved individually on the bottom rails.

Opening principle telescopic sliding door

With the Butzbach telescopic door, the individual door elements are linked together and are opened and closed simultaneously. This reduces the operating effort and provides quick access to the hangar by pushing a button.

Opening principle around-the-corner-door

With the Butzbach around-the-corner door each door element is guided along the inside or outside of the hangar side wall. This is a great advantage when space is limited or for special hangar shapes such as round halls. The entire width of the hall is always available when opening the around-the-corner door.

Your advantages

Individual project management through a reliable specialist/expert
Huge design variety for all details on your hangar doors
High economic efficiency and reliablility
Consultancy, planning and manufacturing, as well as professional installation, by our trained staff
Global customer service straight from the manufacturer with fast response times
Many years of experience and over 850 references worldwide

Suitable for every application

Hangar doors - bottom tracks

The Butzbach unique bottom tracks control the exact movement of the door leaves. The loads, from wind and the door leaf weight, are transmitted directly into the bottom track foundations. Any incidental rainwater is discharged from the bottom tracks into connected drainage. An optional rail heating system can be integrated, to meet customer additional requirements.


Hangar doors - top track with girder movement

Due to roof deformations over the door system, tolerance clearances (girder movement) must be created for the compensation. Hangar door systems standing on the bottom tracks consider the girder movement (specification of the static calculation) above the door system.


Hangar doors - safety edge device

Safety edge devices have the function of ensuring personal safety on the leading edge of a door leaf. During the operation of the door leaves,  there is a non-visible protected area in the direction of motion, which can represent a danger to persons and/or objects. Touching the safety edge device triggers a command that stops the door leaf and initiates a reversing return movement.


Hangar doors - tail door

The installation of vertical tail gates as stacking doors in the structural replacement of the door truss reduces the main door height and therefore costs. For the vertical tail door we use our own produced fiberglass and create a uniform appearance to your hangar door.


Hangar doors - door drive

Door motors are used to move heavy door leaves.  Electric geared motors with a chain connection to the drive wheel are in use. The door leaf is set in motion via a push button drive switch and the necessary electrical control.


Hangar doors with fibreglass

The fibreglass is a particularly versatile material and ideally suited for hangar doors. The fibreglass is characterised by its translucency, longevity, thermal insulation and stability. Further information on fibreglass development & production can be found here.


Hangar door pendulum brake

One adjustable pendulum brake is installed in each door leaf (manual operated door system), in order to protect the personnel and material. This brake has no negative effects on the manual force when opening or closing the door leaf with a speed up to approx. 0.30 m/sec.

The pendulum brake stops the door leaf when the above-mentioned speed is exceeded (without any electrical influence). Once the door leaf stops, the brake will release automatically and the door leaf can either be opened or closed.


Staff doors

Pass doors ensure that staff can enter and leave quickly without having to open the hangar door. We can also offer designs that meet the requirements for wheelchair accessibility or emergency exits. Possible to coordinate with central building control systems in a variety of designs.

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The right solution for every requirement


Customized solutions and individual fabrication

Aircraft hangars are impressive buildings; they shape the appearance of any airfield. As a manufacturer of hangar doors, we are very aware of this fact. That's why you don't just have all the technical options when designing your hangar door. We also adapt to your needs when it comes to architecture and design.

We will be pleased to advise you personally regarding individual designs and special solutions.


Suitable for your requirement: Fuselage modifications

Fuselage modifications allow the airtight closing of the hangar door for particularly long or tall aircraft. These modifications can of course be retrofitted, for example, if you want to use an existing hangar for a larger type of aircraft.



Do you want the door and facade of your hangar to be a functional and architectural unit? In accordance with our motto "always keeping an eye on function, always keeping an eye on aesthetics", we will work with you to develop a solution for your hangar door that meets your requirements in terms of the visual appearance of the building and at the same time guarantees longevity and reliability in operation.

We will be happy to provide you with details on the combination of hangar door and facade.

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