Facade VARIOPLAN plus®

Light and bright building envelopes

Fibreglass has been successfully used as a facade material for over 40 years now. With its appealing look, versatility and physical construction properties, fibreglass significantly stands out compared to all other materials for building envelopes.

Fibreglass is also a major component of VARIOPLANplus which constists of a thermally insulated aluminium framework construction filled with the composite material that Butzbach manufactures itself in its own specially designed process.

Facade VARIOPLANplus®
Your advantages

Hight light transmission due to the fibreglass door infill
Exceptional thermal insulation properties
Extremely long lifetime due to a sustainable material
Low weight
Water tightness, impact and wind load resistance
Perfect for restoration

Facade VARIOPLANplus®
Our performances

More cost-effectiveness

Due to its thermally separated profile system and its optimized fiberglass double-skin panel, VARIOPLANplus reaches an up-value of up to 1.1 W/m²K and is therefore environmentally friendly and cost-saving. The Butzbach fibreglass facade ensures a pleasant room climate and balanced temperatures in all parts of the building. Harmful UV light is completely absorbed; Therefore you will not need an additional external shading for your facade.

Many design possiblities

The Butzbach fibreglass facade offers you almost unlimited design possibilities. VARIOPLANplus completely adapts to your requirements and offers tailor-made solutions. Doors and gates can be made of the same material as the rest of the exterior - creating a homogeneous picture.

Facade renovations

The VARIOPLANplus facade is the ideal solution for renovations. With approximately one third of the weight of window glass, VARIOPLANplus is highly suitable for renovations.

Your building
Tailor-made facade

VARIOPLANplus in vertical and horizontal installations

Depending on the main steelwork already in place, the twin-walled fibreglass panels of VARIOPLANplus can be installed in a continuous length of 12 metres.

VARIOPLANplus with various opening casements

VARIOPLANplus means that the openings are also flexible in terms of design. In addition to tilt-and-turn and tilt casements, we can also help realise the construction of your exterior facade.

VARIOPLANplus with integrated stacking and industrial doors

Turn your building envelope into a functional and architectural unit and integrate Butzbach SPACELITE and SECTIOLITE doors into your VARIOPLANplus facade. The overall look of our solutions means that they complement one another to perfection.

VARIOPLANplus with integrated doors

Obviously all types of doors can be built into your facade construction. We would be pleased to advise you.

VARIOPLANplus with integrated fixed glazing elements

Fixed glazing elements can also be integrated in a VARIOPLANplus fibreglass facade – either as insert elements or as full-height elements.

We would be pleased to inform you in detail about the advantages of VARIOPLANplus® and our various options for combining and designing exterior facades.

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