Berg Dealership, Oldenburg (DE)

With the remodelling of the Service Reception according to the plans of the architects “Architektur + Stadtplanung Ewers Dörnen + Partner Schwerin GmbH”, the Berg AUDI dealership in Oldenburg in Holstein adapted its appearance to the current architecture and design guidelines of Audi.

One significant requirement of the builder was integrating building details that already existed, such as an existing projecting roof, into the design. Particular attention was paid here to ensuring that sufficient daylight can reach the interior of the Service Reception, despite the necessity of housing the existing Service Reception and the integration into the existing projecting roof.

For the remodelling, the corresponding area was housed in the VARIOPLANplus fibreglass facade as well as two stacking doors SPACELITE in the fibreglass colour Emerald-Green. It was thus possible to adapt the facade to the existing building stock and the projecting roof in such a manner that the new construction is ideally integrated into the overall appearance of the dealership. The translucent fibreglass allows the natural daylight to penetrate far into the interior of the Service Reception so that artificial lighting can be dispensed with during the day and a pleasant working atmosphere is created behind the door and facade. The integrated clear windows in the facade also serve to further liven up the appearance.


Customer: Berg Dealership

Location: Oldenburg (DE)


2 stacking doors SPACELITE®

65 m² fibreglass facade VARIOPLANplus


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