Bosig GmbH, Gingen (DE)

Fast and safe doors in the logistics center

Bosig GmbH is a leading company in the development and production of solutions for sealing, insulating and gluing in the construction industry. A major concern for the new logistics centre in Gingen was the swift and undisturbed internal traffic.

Within the buildings big-sized high speed doors NOVOSPRINT (approx. 4.5 x 4.5 m) ensure the delay-free transport between the storage rooms. The high opening speed and the dual lateral opening technique assure an undisturbed traffic – even with fast forklift trucks.

For the external closure Bosig decided for the special advantages of the Butzbach combination door: In times of high frequency the high speed door NOVOSPRINT gives immediate access. Extremely short opening delays avoid the warm/cold air exchange and effectively protect the staff from draught. Outside the working hours or in times of low frequency the solid, translucent Butzbach door becomes active. It savely protects the building and offers reliable protection against weathering, wind, loss of heat or cold, insects, dust, noise and unwanted access.

The combination door can be set up with a stacking door or with a sectional door. In case of a low lintel the sectional door is the choice, if there is limited space above the door or no possible fixture from the ceiling, the stacking door with it space saving opening technique is the best solution. The combination of an extremely fast and low-wear high speed door and a solid but versatile fibreglass door ensures over the entire lifetime an optimized efficiency and economy in operation.

SPACELITE and SECTIOLITE doors are made of light transmitting fibre glass. The light transmission of up to 78% creates a bright working zone flooded with light, avoiding direct glare. This effect reduces the need of artificial lighting during the day and creates a positive working environment – a benefit for Bosig profits from in the truck loading zone, too.


Customer: Bosig GmbH

Location: Gingen an der Fils (DE)


5 stacking doors SPACELITE®

1 high-speed door NOVOSPRINT®

3 door combinations with stacking and high-speed doors


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