Car Dealer Singer, Kaufbeuren (DE)

The VW- and AUDI-dealer „Singer“ are represented in several South German cities. Since autumn 2010 they have also taken over Skoda dealership. In the course of this business expansion an extension of the existing premises became necessary. In order to present the new brand in a sophisticated way, a new showroom has been created.

Butzbach provided stacking doors SPACELITE, completely filled with insulation glass panels (U-value of panels: 1,1 W/m²K). The twin-walled safety glass filling gives a sophisticated touch to the doors and the entire building. Apart of being easy to clean and insensitive against scratches the plain appearance of the glass panes distinguish the Butzbach doors from conventional doors with acrylic or polycarbonate filling. In additon to the optical image the owner was committed to the outstanding insulation values of the fully-glazed doors. In comparison to conventional plastic glazings the energy loss can be bisected.


Customer: Car Dealer Singer

Location: Kaufbeuren (DE)


2 stacking doors SPACELITE® Vision


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