Car dealership Burger, Blaubeuren (DE)

Double direct reception made of fiberglass

In a direct or dialog reception area, motor vehicles are brought in for service or repair and discussed with the customer. Therefore, for safety reasons, this area should be separated from the rest of the garage. Often, these reception areas are retrofitted to the existing building.

Brightness through fiberglass

The Burger car dealership in Blaubeuren also needed a new and larger direct acceptance area. Instead of the previous plan for one vehicle, they decided on a larger and higher extension for two vehicles, equipped with two lifting platforms and a new surveying platform. Now commercial vehicles with high bodies can also be lifted.
Autohaus Burger opted for the Butzbach door and facade solution made of translucent fiberglass in the color sapphire blue. Due to the low dead weight of fiberglass, fewer foundation and support structures are required, and the light transmission of approx. 78% illuminates the work area in the hall. Due to the uniform material, the door and the facade form an optical unity. Additional thermal insulation in the door and facade allows the use of the hall even in the cold season.

The direct reception stands directly on the main connecting road and is conspicuous by its size. In the dark time of day, the hall looks like a large light box due to the interior lighting.

Space-saving and translucent

In addition to two translucent SPACELITE exterior doors, there is a third door in the middle of the hall as a partition. Thus, two separate reception areas were created and two customer conversations can be held at the same time without disturbing each other. On the other hand, the door can be opened quickly when equipment is needed from the other half of the hall.
Due to the space-saving lifting relay technology, there is no conflict with the suspension of lighting and other installations.



Customer: Autohaus Burger

Location: Blaubeuren (DE)


3 Hubtore SPACELITE® mit Option Nebeneingangstür

136m² Fiberglas Fassade VARIOPLANplus


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