Chateau d’eau de Leudelange (LU)

The new building for the premises of the fire brigade and the public water supply in the municipality of Leudelange distinguishes itself due to its innovative and attention attracting architecture. 

Butzbach supplied the fibreglass facade VARIOPLANplus as well as 14 stacking doors SPACELITE out of the same material. The high level of translucence of the fibreglass twin walled panels allows light far into the interior.

The installation at the 60 m high water tower was a particular challenge. The 10 m high fibreglass elements were fastened with special suction ties in order to withstand the enormous wind load at that altitude. 

This water tower is the dominant element of the complex and is visible kilometres away at night due to its illuminated façade.


Customer: Chateau d’eau de Leudelange

Location: Leudelange (LU)


14 stacking doors SPACELITE

Fibreglass facade VARIOPLANplus®


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