Friesland Campina, Lochem (NL)

With an annual turnover of around 10 billion euros, FrieslandCampina is one of the largest dairy companies in the world. To be able to work efficiently, above all the logistics within the company must function without interruptions. Fast and safe movement of people and goods from hall to hall plays a critical role.

The horizontally opening high-speed door NOVOSPRINT Hygiene was specially developed for the requirements of the food industry. The lateral opening action of the two leaves of the door halves the opening time and the entire height of the passage is immediately available. This enables fast and secure traffic. In hygienically sensitive zones, the horizontal opening principle represents another advantage: With vertical opening, the closing edge of the door would make contact with the ground and would thus transport contamination or splash water located on the ground with it when moving upwards. With even the slightest vibrations, these residues could come loose again and fall on the sensitive transport goods and the unpackaged goods.

In contrast to this, the two leaves of the NOVOSPRINT Hygiene open in a lateral movement and the traffic can pass through without being contaminated.

The brief opening and closing times of the high speed doors NOVOSPRINT reliably prevent the heat exchange between the individual zones.


Customer: Friesland Campina

Location: Lochem (NL)


High-speed doors NOVOSPRINT® with option hygiene


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