Heidelberg Cement, Schelklingen (DE)

The cement plant Schelklingen of Heidelberg Cement AG requires a big-sized door in order to load and unload trucks laterally. Since the logistics hall is located in a nonwind-protected area there have been enormous problems with the previous steel roller shutter. The wind influenced the door operation in a way which made reliable door function and dispatch of goods impossible. 

Butzbach as the expert for big door dimensions managed the removal of the existing door and installed a stacking door SPACELITE with dimensions of appr. 12 x 5 m. 

The massive structure and the fiberglass material with its outstanding rigidity allow problem-free door operation even under high wind pressure. 

The formation of dust which appears along with cement handling does not create a negative impact on the door function as well. The Butzbach stacking door provides even more advantages – the roof construction is not charged with the door loads and the translucent fiberglass creates a brightly illuminated loading area – a fact which is highly appreciated by the forklift operators.


Customer: Heidelberg Cement AG

Location: Schelklingen (DE)


Stacking doors SPACELITE® (large size)


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