Butzbach at Europapark Rust

Travel with us through the countries of Europe! You will meet Butzbach on your adventure through the Europapark Rust mainly in Iceland and Russia. Our doors can not only be used in production halls, cold stores or logistics centers. No, the NOVOSPRINT high-speed door has been a long-term companion for some roller coasters in Europapark and is essential for a unique driving experience and the right atmosphere.


Fast-paced and not for the faint of heart: Blue Fire

The Blue Fire looping roller coaster accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds and races past the rugged rock formations, the breathtaking landscapes and the underground mine. With our high-speed door NOVOSPRINT, the interior scenery is separated from the outside world before the catapulting start. Thanks to the horizontal opening principle of our door in a matter of seconds, the tension is maintained until the end, because the passenger cannot see the further course of the roller coaster for the time being. In just a few seconds the NOVOSPRINT opens, the Blue Fire accelerates and nothing stands in the way of the highest looping of a catapult rollercoaster in Europe.


Discover distant galaxies: Euro Mir

The gondola of the Euro Mir roller coaster slowly winds up to a height of 28 meters. Due to the opaque tarpaulin of our high-speed door and the completely darkened tower of the Euro-Mir, the tension of the passengers increases with the height. Once at the top, a black Butzbach NOVOSPRINT door can be seen for a split second. When the gate is opened, the passengers come into daylight and then rush into the depths of Russia at a speed of 80 km/h in a dive.


Come on an expedition: Whale Adventures

Younger visitors can also discover Butzbach doors in Europapark. On the boat trip through Iceland, the little landlubbers sail past puffins and walruses, as well as through two adventurous dark ride passages. To support the lighting effects and the atmosphere, the opaque black high-speed door NOVOSPRINT shields the interior from the outside area. An exciting fur seal adventure full of water games awaits in the fresh air behind our NOVOSPRINT.


Picture Euro Mir ©Europapark