With the classic SECTIOLITE ST40, the door sections are deflected when opening under the ceiling and guided into the hall interior. A lintel height of 350 mm is sufficient for this. If this is not the desired installation type, a vertical runner or the variant with higher guided deflection can also be installed.

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Technical data
Door size Width min./ max. (clear passage width) 2.000/ 6.000 mm
Height min./ max. (clear passage height) 2.000/ 5.000 mm
Camber requirement min. 350 mm
Space requirement Total depth min./ max. *
Space requirement on side drive side/ non-drive side min. 185/ 185 mm
Single door leaf Height approx. 500 mm
Performance data Designed for up to ... Opening cycles per year 100.000
Short-time duty: Up to ... Opening cycles per hour 20
Opening speed max. 1 m/s
Operating forces/ Safe opening according to EN 13241-1 fulfills
Watertightness according to EN 12425 Class 3
Resistance to wind load according to EN 12424 up to Class 4
Airborne sound insulation Rw according to EN ISO 717-1 up to approx. 23 dB
Thermal resistance Up according to EN 12428 up to 0,65 W/m²K
Air permeability according to EN 12426 up to Class 4
Burglary protection according to DIN/ TS 18164 -
Fire protection class -filling- according to DIN 4102 up to B2
Selectivity number S -filling- (τV/ g-value) 1,7
Temperature application range Standard min./ max. -5/ 60 °C
Radar reflection attenuation up to 20 dB
Resistance class -filling- according to DIN 356 up to P3A
Mains connection Standard 1L/N/PE 230V 50Hz | 3L/N/PE 400V 50 Hz
Safety devices OSE as closing edge safety device fulfills
Leading light barrier as closing edge safety device -
Guide rail closed on three sides fulfills
Integrated safety gear in the drive fulfills
Deferral protection fulfills
Electrically and mechanically bolted anti-lift device -
Light grid (mounted in front) for contactless reversing optional
Sensor solutions for opening and monitoring optional
Visual or audible warning signals optional
Special solutions optional