Aesculap Tuttlingen (DE)

Doors for a wide range of applications

Aesculap AG, with its approximately 3,600 employees at its headquarters in Tuttlingen and its 12,200 employees worldwide, is part of the B. Braun Group. Since 1976, Aesculap has been part of the family-run group with 62,000 employees in 64 countries – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical technology and pharmaceutical products. Aesculap is valued by surgeons as a reliable partner for all treatment concepts in surgery, orthopedics and interventional vascular medicine. The constant growth of the company requires new halls and thus new door systems – here, the company trusts in the product range of Butzbach.

Fast logistics in the halls

Within the individual halls, the horizontally opening high-speed door NOVOSPRINT in different sizes ensures a safe, trouble-free and process-oriented movement of goods and people. Due to the lateral opening of the door, the entire passage height is immediately available to the user, in contrast to vertically opening doors, and a collision with the door is not possible. This trouble-free flow of traffic and materials prevents long work interruptions or expensive repairs to the door, thus ensuring greater efficiency in intralogistics.

Exterior doors for new construction and renovation

SPACELITE fiberglass lift gates are predominantly used in the area of external gates. Thanks to their space-saving design and the unusual opening principle (when opened, the individual door elements line up in a console behind the lintel in a space-saving and secured manner), they blend in perfectly with the building architecture and do not come into conflict with building components located behind the door – an important advantage, especially in the case of renovations. The absence of failure-prone wear parts such as hinges, torsion springs or spiral cables makes the Butzbach lift gate particularly low-maintenance and leads to savings in maintenance costs.

The translucent fiberglass door infill distributes natural daylight without glare or cast shadows inside the building, creating pleasantly illuminated work areas for employees in the hall. Artificial lighting during the day can be virtually dispensed with – in combination with very good thermal insulation values of the door system, this contributes to a permanent reduction in energy costs.

Canteen with “historic” doors

In the listed cafeteria, 6 SECTIOLITE vertical sliding doors were chosen to separate the kitchen and the impressive seating area for 800 people. Historical motifs were laminated into the doors, reflecting the original purpose of the hall. During events, the translucent doors are closed and the lighting behind them shows the motifs to their best advantage.


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Customer: Aesculap AG

Location: Tuttlingen (DE)


Schnelllauftore NOVOSPRINT®


Sektionaltore SECTIOLITE® in Ausführung laminierte Motive


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