AMAC, Basel-Mulhouse (CH)

In 2009, the AMAC Aerospace in Basel ordered a door system for the newly constructed hangar at the EuroAirport in the tri-border area Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg. The extremely advantageous location in the heart of Western Europe and three economically strong regions (Alsace, Northwestern Switzerland and Baden-Württemberg) explains the success of the EuroAirport. It is the best developed airport on the Upper Rhine and can accommodate any type of traffic thanks to its infrastructure. Shortly after the construction of the first hangar, it became necessary to construct a second hangar due to the high demand for airplane reconstructions in the wide-body class.

Due to the very good teamwork and the reliable planning support, Butzbach was also commissioned with the manufacture, delivery and assembly of the second hangar door system by TEXLON International (CH). Butzbach delivered an electrically operated sliding door system with the dimensions 85.50 x 13.40 m for the newly constructed hangar. The drive unit was constructed using a telescopic drive that functions bi-directionally and for the first time in this form. The hangar door is made up of six door leaves, each 15.0 m wide, that are driven along six continuous tracks. Locking is possible on both sides here, as a result of which it can be opened toward the left or the right. 

An important requirement was the brightness behind the door area. Butzbach used twin-walled panels made of translucent fibreglass with the colour Brilliant for the cladding of the door leaves. The two integrated tail doors were also equipped with this fibreglass filling. A row of windows over the entire width of the hangar door also enables a clear view of the entire area in front of the hangar building.

In order to enable the personnel a quick entry into the interior of the hall, two pass doors without thresholds were provided.


Customer: AMAC

Location: Basel-Mulhouse (CH/F)


1 hangar door opening principle telescopic sliding door with 2 tail doors and integrated staff doors


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