Audi-Centre, Frankfurt (DE)

With the new AUDI Centre Frankfurt, the Frankfurt “Car Mile” has gained a first-class car dealership. The five-storey dealership is a building of superlatives and, with a gross floor space of over 26,000 square metres, is over 6,000 square metres larger than its counterpart in Berlin Adlershof. It is thus one of the largest AUDI Centres in Europe.

Butzbach installed twenty SPACELITE stacking doors as well as seven SECTIOLITE sectional doors in the fibreglass colour brilliant in the area of direct reception, the workshop halls, the car wash halls and the vehicle handover.

Due to its unconventional design, the SPACELITE stacking door is particularly suited for use in workshops. Upon opening the door panels stack safely and compactly in a cassette behind the lintel. Lighting fixtures, lifting platforms and other fittings on the ceiling are not impaired.

In the areas of the new AUDI Centre in which only a low lintel is present or in which the installation of an integrated pass door was desired, Butzbach installed sectional doors. These combine the opening principle of a shutter door with the product and material advantages of the Butzbach stacking door. Like the stacking door, the sectional door purposely avoids protruding hinges or cables, helix cables or springs susceptible to faults and thus increases the safety of the door and reduces the maintenance work.


Customer: Audi-Zentrum

Location: Frankfurt am Main (DE)


20 stacking doors SPACELITE®

7 sectional doors SECTIOLITE®


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