High-Speed Doors in Airport Catering (AE)

High-speed for high-frequency openings

Since many years Butzbach have supplied numberless high speed doors in airport facilities all around the world.

Highly frequented openings require fast, safe and permanently available door systems with minimum downtime. That is the reason why many airports rely on the horizontal (or bi-parting) opening principle. In Dubai, AE (Emirates Airways) and Doha, Qatar (Qatar Airways) we found special requirements: doors which give way to an overall 2,5 km-long conveyor system: due to the bi-parting system our doors do not only fulfil that task, the system is also stable enough to reliably keep persons from falling into the elevator shaft connecting trolley handling devices with kitchen areas. The doors are to be conceived for not less than 600.000 openings per year, in comparison to conventional vertical-runners our system saves more than 150 hours of opening time per door and year. No wonder since Emirates Catering make appr. 26 Mio. inflight meals per year, servicing 200 planes a day.

Our customers are extremely happy about our doors with millions of openings on the counter and no fitters to be seen in between the chefs.


Customer: Emirates Flight Catering

Location: Qatar (AE)


High-speed doors NOVOSPRINT®

Option crane rail


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