Reisacher GmbH, Memmingen (DE)

Autohaus Reisacher GmbH belongs to the major car dealers for BMW and MINI in South Germany. For the distribution of these premium brands the company also imposed high standards on themselves. To live premium quality means to Reisacher: professionalism, dependability, conscientiousness, fairness and sustainability. And this was at the same time the claim for the construction of a new MINI sales building in Memmingen.

With  its black steel–aluminium–glass construction the two-storey building appears both imposing and delicate. “The four SPACELITE stacking doors at the lateral fronts, with their matched aluminium surface treatment and mineral glass infills, are integrated so perfectly into the curtain wall that they don’t appear as doors” explains managing director Peter Reisacher. On the inside, due to their special stacking technology, the doors are extremely compact and discreet even when opened. No fixtures disturb lighting or other installations. The option thermal insulation of the SPACELITE door, with insulating glass (Ug=1.1 W/m²K), additional gaskets and specially insulated aluminium profiles, helps reducing the energy consumption and fulfilling the requirements of sustainable building.

Industrial doors however are moving building components, and are subject to intensive use and stress. Here again Peter Reisacher’s expectation in reliability and endurance, in smart technology without suspending cables or parts and in customer safety through protected guide rails could be met. „All over we are delighted” he resumes. „Design, technical significance, function and reliability perfectly meet our demand. Butzbach was the right decision”.


Customer: Car dealer Reisacher GmbH

Location: Memmingen (DE)


4 stacking doors SPACELITE® Vision


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