Car dealership Merk, Altenstadt (DE)

Translucent Butzbach doors in the Peugeot direct reception area

After the car dealership Merk in Altenstadt had already had good experiences with Butzbach lift gates, the decision was quickly made for the new construction of a direct reception. Here, too, the advantages of the SPACELITE lift gates were chosen.

The translucency of the fiberglass elements was a particularly important criterion for the car dealership, as large windows were not used in the new building for optical reasons. The translucent fiberglass creates pleasantly bright and glare-free work areas and puts the vehicle in the right light.

When the lift gate is opened, the individual gate leaf elements line up in a protected and space-saving manner in a console behind the lintel. Other equipment on the ceiling such as lighting, heating units and lifting platforms are not affected. Also, unlike sectional doors, this opening technique does not transport dirt into the interior.

Another important point in the decision for Butzbach was also the Brillant fiberglass color, which harmonizes very well with Peugeot’s blue corporate color.


Customer: Autohaus Merk

Location: Altenstadt (DE)


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