Reisacher GmbH, Augsburg (DE)

Customer-oriented car dealership stays with Butzbach

Reisacher GmbH’s new building in Augsburg is something to behold. Back in 2018, the company announced that it would be building a new, customer-oriented car dealership on Ammannstrasse in Augsburg to unite the two locations in Göggingen and Lechhausen.

Now the building is finished and Reisacher was allowed to move into its new home in August 2020.

Another good choice

Butzbach was already able to convince Reisacher of its merits during the construction of the new MINI sales building in Memmingen and was thus also chosen as the door manufacturer in Augsburg.

Full panorama equipment

The new building in Augsburg was to be a real eye-catcher and therefore Reisacher decided on a total of 39 SECTIOLITE in fully glazed panorama equipment which, in addition to brightness and speed, lend a high degree of elegance to the overall picture.

Individual and chic

Reisacher can also rely on Butzbach when it comes to special solutions. Four of the total of ten SPACELITE doors are custom-made products, specially tailored to the customer’s particular installation situation.

For example, the 6-meter wide SPACELITE HT60 was designed in such a way that a so-called retractable guide rail allows the full passage width of 12 meters if required.

Fast & large

The two NOVOSPRINT high-speed doors also impressed the building owners. The innovative, horizontal opening principle in the XL version with a width of 7.5 meters and a height of 3.2 meters ensures a smooth and, above all, safe flow of internal logistics processes.


Customer: AutohausReisacher

Location: Augsburg (DE)




7 SPACELITE® HT60 mit wegfahrbarer Führungsschiene



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