EADS EFW Site 6, Dresden (DE)

In 2006 the EADS Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH, which specialises in the conversion of passenger machines into cargo aircraft, ordered an around the corner door system with the dimensions 75.00 m x 13.00 m as well as a 15.70 m x 8.40 m tail door. 

The sharply climbing number of orders coming in as well as the positive future prospects for airplane conversions were the decisive factors for construction of the hall.

Intensive planning together with ACERplan, the Dresden architects performing the work, convinced the client, EADS Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH, of the advantages of the Butzbach around the corner door system with integrated tail door. The around the corner door makes it possible to completely open the entire width of the hall even though the space available on the sides is extremely limited. The door filling was made of fibreglass panels in the colour Brilliant. The high translucence of the twin-walled fibreglass panels allows the natural light to reach far into the interior of the hall and thus considerably reduces the lighting expenses during the day. Two pass doors without thresholds integrated into the hangar door allow the personnel direct entry into the hall.

The construction site for the hangar door was the Dresden airport in the Klotzsche district which has been the international commercial airport in Dresden. It provides the national and international connection of air traffic to the city and region of Dresden.

The project was completed as scheduled despite extreme winter conditions.


Customer: EADS

Location: Dresden (DE)


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