Gruber logistics hall, Rottach-Egern (DE)

A combination of traditional and modern elements and the creation of a functional but visually appealing building were the priorities for the new logistics hall of Gertraud Gruber Kosmetik GmbH & Co.

To help the building blend harmoniously into the attractive countryside around Tegernsee, the Robert Beham planning office, which was responsible for executing the project, opted for wood facade elements combined with the Butzbach facade system VARIOPLANplus. The fiberglass facade in Emerald-Green provides an interesting contrast to the wood elements. Thanks to the material’s high translucence, natural daylight penetrates well into the building without any glare. In conjunction with the very good thermal isolation values, it creates an agreeable working atmosphere behind the facade, with balanced temperatures.

The windows and doors integrated into the fibreglass facade enliven the building’s overall appearance.

For the store area that dircetly adjoins the office zone, Butzbach in addition supplied a stacking door SPACELITE in the same colour. It is especially noteworthy for its space-saving opening principle and harmonises well with the facade.


Customer: Gruber logistics hall

Location: Rottach-Egern (DE)


1 stacking door SPACELITE® in emerald-green

400 m² fibreglass facade VARIOPLANplus


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