Hangar 1, Hannover Airport (DE)

Opal-white meets traffic-white

From old to new: Not only home renovations are pending from now and then, airports also need a make-over from time to time.

Both, functionality and appearance, are decisive here. Refined details, a hangar flooded with light and a construction with maximum flexibility.

This is exactly what happened at Hannover Airport:

After a modernization measure, Hangar 1 now has a sliding doors system with 8 individual movable door leaves in an impressive colour combination.

Beautiful and secure

The surface of the steel profiles and the aluminium profiles were coated or anodized in traffic-white. The door infill made of polycarbonate panels, were chosen in the colour opal-white. The hangar benefits here from the high level of light permeability and privacy protection.

Opal-white gives the door leaves a milky haze that still allows light to enter.

In addition to the sliding door system, four SPACELITE HT60N truck doors and two emergency exit doors were installed for quick and easy access.


Customer: Hannover Airport

Location: Hannover (DE)


1 Sliding door with 8 no.

individual movable door leaves

4 no. Truck Doors Type: SPACELITE HT60N

2 no. Emergency exit doors


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